Tiger Brady Houses

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The Brady Bunch was loaded with props that were somehow part of one episode, and would remain a fixture with in the Brady House. Driscoll’s Toy Store box in the carport. Safe Laundry Detergent in the mudroom. Cakes Alice baked regularly to Meat, Sam the Butcher delivered from Sam’s Butcher Shop. Bicycles ridden, and probably purchased from Martinelli’s Bike Shop, where Peter lost his first job. Kitty Carryall doll played with by Cindy. Most of these props were introduced later, and abandoned to nowhere after a while.

There was one prop that was from the start of the show, and seen in every backyard scene ever filled, yet forgotten. Other than the ubiquitous swing set and patio furniture, there was the other Brady House. Tiger’s dog house.

Some episodes centered around Bobby and Tiger. From Tiger using his house to house to hide stolen goods, like Kitty Carryall, when Bobby was accused of stealing the doll from Cindy. Tiger had been upset about an invader in his house, when Myron the Mouse, part of Greg’s science experiment got away due to Jan’s practical jokes. Tiger eventually got a dog across town pregnant, and well, that was serious stuff for the Brady Bunch.

Tiger was part of the family but eventually phased out to only being mentioned on occasion. Then forgotten. The only reminder that Tiger ever existed, was the doghouse. His thievery and scallywaggery got to the Brady family, so he went to the mythical farm all dogs go to.

The doghouse became somewhat metaphorical for many things. It served as a family thing, reminding viewers that the Brady’s were a typical family with pets. It also served as the proverbial someone is in trouble way. Bobby would lie in it or hide in it from time to time. The children would play around it. Eventually the house would just be there.

In the sequels the doghouse was completely forgotten, like Tiger, Fluffy, Cousin Oliver, and the Kelly Family were completely forgotten. In the movie, it was mentioned as a gag. Like the Brady family was mowing astroturf lawn and had a doghouse, but no dog.


In the final episode, Cindy was breeding rabbits in hopes of making money. Turns out she had two boy rabbits. She only sold the rabbits because Bobby’s hair tonic turned them orange. Thankfully it was the last show, otherwise there might have been a rabbit hutch in the backyard. Those rabbits would probably have ended up forgotten, and the hutch another prop sitting around for the sake of reminding people.

Then there was Fluffy, the cat house she lived in, was never seen again, like her. Only one scene in the pilot episode, then gone. Which is fine. In the more serious spin off, The Brady’s, the city would ultimately want to clear away the Brady House to make room for a freeway. Maybe the spirits of Fluffy, Tiger & Cousin Oliver got their final revenge for being cast off?

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