My multiverse is based on a soap bubble concept, which is a fractal model. A larger bubble can produce smaller bubbles and those smaller bubbles can produce smaller bubbles. Bubbles can also become separate and float away. The large bubbles are primary universes. The smaller bubbles attached to those large bubbles are divergent universes. Smaller bubbles attached to smaller bubbles are secondary divergent universes. The bubbles that are wholly independent are pocket universes. The space outside of and between universes that can occur is limbo. Limbo is outside of the time space bubbles of the universes so, there is essentially a nothingness to it.


It is naturally easier to travel between divergent dimensions by moving through the vibrational barrier that separates the dimensions. Traveling between universes that do not touch, and bridging limbo is more difficult. A traveler has to exit the time/space bubble of one universe and enter the time/space bubble of another universe. When a bubble is punctured there is always a possibility of it popping or deflating, thus destroying that bubble. Because bubbles are interconnected, popping one or deflating another could cause a chain reaction, and destroy the entire multiverse.

Because universes are surrounded by time/space bubbles, the vibrational frequencies in which those universes exist can be off by a few seconds or even decades or centuries. Usually traveling to touching divergent universes results in only a very minor shift in time. Traveling over limbo from one universe to another could result in major time shifts. Leave one universe in 2017, and arrive in another universe in 1917. This time shift could be exploited and used to time travel. Leave universe A in the year 2017, travel to universe B which is in the year 1917, then stabilize your current temporal vibrational frequency to the 1917 time, and travel back to universe A, it is now 1917. This type of travel and meddling is dangerous, since it could cause divergent universes or eliminate those divergent universes in existence. Popping bubbles.

The multiverse of Barstool Entertainment as introduced in the pages of Gorilla Fish and Teen (Kid) Spider Adventures. Universes are listed in order of appearance.

Universe II: The home universe of Gorilla Fish. It is actually a divergent of what is called the Primary Universe by Gorilla Fish. Universe II contains a variety of aliens and super beings, and the dawn of the super beings happened during the cold war time frame. Very few beings of any substantial power existed before this time.
Known Inhabitants: Abacus, Doctor Menace, Gorilla Fish, Hallow, Industrialist, Scurvy Dog, Zebulon
First Introduced: Origin

BagBoy Universe: A possible primary universe, it was discovered by accident when Gorilla Fish attempted to time travel. It is named after the primary superhero, BagBoy. The superheroes of this universe are under-powered compared to the villains, yet manage to defeat the villains through luck or tenacity. Heroes with some powers did not start appearing in this universe until the 1970s time frame, and there are possibly two known alien species.
Known Inhabitants: 2B-Bot, BagBoy, CardStock, Cob Boy, DeMonica, Doctor Downfall, Fruit Faced Bandits, Helper Monkey, Kid Spider, Leisure Suit, Midge, Oarsman, Orangutang, PinBot, Sock Puppet, Speed Bump
First Introduced: First Contact

Might League of Justice (MLJ) Universe: Possible divergent universe from the Bagboy Universe, and named after the primary superhero group, The Might League of Justice. It was discovered by 2B-Bot after experimenting with a duplicate build of Gorilla Fish’s dimensional travel machine. Like the Bagboy Universe, the heroes of the MLJ Universe are woefully under powered, yet somehow defeat very ruthless villains, whom are woefully under powered.
Known Inhabitants: Big Hairy, Brain Boy, Calamari, Death Boss (Death Swimmer), Extra-Arm, Ghetto Mama, Hands, Nude Swimmer, Sir Power, Special Ed, Stretch-A-Neck
First Introduced: Networking

Point Man Universe: A pocket universe destroyed by a reflected dimensional/temporal shockwave caused by a massive dimensional jump from the Bagboy Universe. The main hero, Point Man was rescued when 2B-Bot and Death Boss were testing upgrades to the dimensional travel machine.
Known Inhabitants: Cat Call, Fletch, Lady Bug, Mooseby, Point Man
First Introduced: Point-Tastic

Fantastic Universe: Another pocket universe discovered due to the same accident that destroyed the Point Man Universe. It was the universe the dimensional/temporal shockwave reflected off. This universe is inhabited by beings of immense power who can travel across dimensions of their own freewill, but do not, due to the dangers to the multiverse. Super beings are now beginning to form in large numbers. The main hero is Doctor Fantastic.
Known Inhabitants: Blood Hawk, Doctor Fantastic, Morana
First Introduced: Point-Tastic

Limbo: The nothing space between and outside universes. Because it exists outside the time/space bubbles of universes there is no perception of time passing. It was discovered by the same accident that destroyed the Point Man Universe, and looked into further because of another event that occurred in the Bagboy Universe. Two beings were removed from the Bagboy Universe, and ended up in limbo, their existence was considered only stuff of fiction, until they were rescued.
Known Inhabitants: ???
First Introduced: Bumps

Cigar Man Universe: A possible divergent universe of the Primary Universe, Calamari travelled to the dimension, and established herself as a major villain. On behalf of 2B-Bot and Death Boss, she sent a team of villains to kill Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace. In the Smoke Break story, it is fully introduced.
Known Inhabitants: Cigar Man, Humidor, Lefty, Snow Angel, Snow Bird, Spindle, Stub
First Introduced: Moves
Fully Introduced: Smoke Break

Lord Pumpkin Universe: A universe that is in the colonial era of the United States, around the time of witch hunts. Lord Pumpkin is a powerful witch hunter and demon slayer, and he has an apprentice, Squire Squash, who happens to be a pre-teen Kid Spider suffering from amnesia. Kid Spider was sent to this universe because he was accidentally knocked on to the dimensional transport platform by Destructo.
Known Inhabitants: Lord Pumpkin, Squire Squash
First Introduced: Time Jump

Universe Zero: This is the universe, the multi-verse sprang from. It is now a universe of grey nothingness similar to limbo, but people perceive time and space passing. From this universe, it is easier to move to other universes. Theoretically it is also possible to spawn other universes from this universe.
Known Inhabitants: ???
First Introduced: Universe Zero

Action Universe: It is the home universe of ViDiot and a group of costumed heroes called the Legion of Justice. It is a possible divergent of Universe II (Gorilla Fish’s Home Universe) or the Prime Universe. It is named after the most powerful hero Action, and his family of like powered beings. Gorilla Fish has sent Teen Spider to this universe to learn how to be a better superhero.
Known Inhabitants: Action, Bigfoot, Dark Scowl, Dust Mite, Kaleidoscope, King Cow, Pet Rock, Plant Whisperer, ViDiot
First Introduced: Universe Zero
Fully Introduced: Internship