Teen Spider Adventures Universe Zero Comic 53

It’s Been Over A Year

October 25th, 2020 by

I started the Universe Zero story line over a year ago. Comic Number 53 was published today. It has been an interesting and long year. A lot has happened. I went back a reread the strips, it did not take long, about an hour. I feel I have developed the characters and conflict well. Gorilla Fish takes center stage at this point. Teen Spider (formerly Kid Spider) has been an aimless character in need of guidance. The next story I am working on will begin his journey into gaining skill and purpose.
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New Video

October 11th, 2020 by

I actually post videos to YouTube twice a week. It is actually faster and easier to edit a video together than to produce a comic, that is why I only produce a comic once a week. I would like to do more on the comic end, but time is limited. Thanks for viewing my comic, and enjoy my channel, which is a video game channel, with other content on occasion.

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Teen Spider Adventures Universe Comic 50

October 4th, 2020 by

This is the fiftieth comic in the Universe Zero story line. Since I have been posting only once a week, it means Barstool Entertainment is two weeks away from continuing a story line for a full year. Universe Zero will end in about 20 more weeks, and then on to a new chapter.

One thing I have forgotten to do is post to this website new YouTube videos. I post on my YouTube channel twice a week, and forget to promote those videos on my site. So starting this week, I am going to do my best to remember to post videos to this site.

Popularity Destroys All Good Things

August 16th, 2020 by

A teacher once said to me “just because something is popular, does not make it right.” This teacher was referring to opinions and ideas.

It is a trope in the 1980s angsty teenage movies that the outcast kid wants to be popular. It was good to be the geek, good to be the freak. Yeah, pretty girls would shun you, jocks and face men maybe put you down, but you did not have to conform. Popular people had to conform to certain ways of doing things, and had to hang out with only popular people. Geeks hung out with other geeks, but did not have to stick with the narrow group. In the old 1980s movie once the outcast became popular, their life actually becomes miserable. The outcast never knew how good they had it until the outcast became popular.

Popularity has with it certain requirements. When it comes to being a teenager, if you are popular, you are expected to associate with only certain people. If you stray from the popular crowd, you are ostracized and shamed publicly. Falling from popular to nothing. The people you shunned, the nerds, geeks and outcasts, come back and pick you back up.

Unfortunately, popularity not only destroys people, it destroys culture. When I was a young geek, there were things to escape the world and enjoy the company of other geeks. Comic books, science fiction, fantasy, roleplaying games, it was all part of geek culture. Then it all became popular.

Then Iron Man came out, introducing a bunch of people to what was really cool to the Geek Set. CGI, and special effects caught up to the needs a superhero movie required. Hollywood realized it could stick true to the character origin, and actual costume, with only a few modifications, and have an awesome action movie. This launched the whole Avengers series. Avengers was the most awesome movie. Everyone whom would have shunned geeks were pumping geeks for information. Attractive women were sitting and talking about how awesome the movies were, and watching superhero movies. People became more interested in what was geeky. Science fiction, fantasy and other things became very much en vogue. Suddenly those cute cube dwelling women whom would slap a sexual harassment claim on the geek for looking at her tits by accident, was now dressing up at comic cons in skimpy superhero costumes and giving Joe Geek a photo op.

But, popularity destroys. Suddenly movies had to follow certain guidelines and adhere to the cool kids popular dogma. The fun was sucked out of all the movies. Statements had to be made, virtue had to be signaled. Comics, the origin of all things superheroes became the throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks, then make a movie. Things fell apart.

Stranger Things brought Dungeons and Dragons to the popular forefront. Suddenly all the people whom would have not sniffed at the players of the game, were interested. Tabletop gaming, roleplaying games were taken over by popular kids. Suddenly the games had to conform to the popular concepts.

Video games grew to become major money makers, and popular. There were great games developed. Interesting stories and themes. Then the games soon had to cater to what is the popular mantra. Now video games are starting to become boring saturated concepts.

Yeah, it sucked not being popular, but when one realizes one has to sell their soul, and destroy their individuality to be popular, it ain’t worth it. The same goes for culture. Geeks loved comic books, roleplaying games, and video games, once the stuff was viewed as unclean, became cool, it lost its soul.

Popularity destroys. It was a lesson that was being taught in the angsty teen movies of the 1980s, and it is a lesson people should have learned. Now all the fun that was part of being a geek, is gone. One needs to worry about what is next. What will the popular kids want to make popular?

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Of Clown and King

August 9th, 2020 by

Last week I posted about sudden difficulties with service at a franchise of the king — and worried that the same thing that drove me into a fifteen year hiatus of not going to restaurants associated with the king — was happening again. I had hoped that the minor mistake in my order, not giving me my soda at first, then handing me the wrong soda, was just a blip. I was wrong.

I decided to return to the franchise associated with the king, and I checked my bag of food after ordering, before I drove off. The bag felt too heavy for what I had ordered. I did get what I ordered, except, two of everything. Some people would say why complain? Free food. Because you cannot return food. Except, I did not get my soda. The person at the window handing out food was filling four or five drinks, but did not fill mine. Nor did that person even hand me a drink. At this point I am surprised I am not handed food from the Bell.

I brought the attention to the drive thru attendant, whom summoned a supervisor. I handed them my receipt. Always get a receipt. It is proof of what you ordered. The supervisor said I was only charged for one of what I ordered, but they could not take food back, so I can keep the extra. The person attending the window did give me my drink. Sadly, I did not get my receipt back. I wanted to fill out that survey and complain. Not that it would do any good. The franchise associated with the clown proved that. I am on hiatus from getting anything from restaurants associated with the clown.

It sucks. I may have to go on hiatus from the king as well. Both franchises, one of clown, and one of king are close to where I live. I do have to drive past my house to get to the two franchises, but there was that convenience factor.

I could start going back to the Bell on a regular basis, but that chain removed the food I enjoyed ordering regularly from their menu. Everything else on the menu is so unappealing, and so I don’t go there.

If I alter my route home slightly, there is a franchise with a Star as their logo, hardy-har-har. I have gone to that restaurant a few times, and so far have not been parked nor has my order been screwed up. The other option is where the meat claims to be.

Granted, this is all first world issues, but we should be happy we do live in a country where getting wrong food is an issue. In countries in this world, just getting food would be cause for celebration. But, putting things into perspective, this is a country where we do not have to just accept what is given us, and the admonishment of it could be worse, is something we should not be threatened with.

These multibillion dollar companies made franchises multi millionaires and their money is based on decent food and service. When service is poor, then things need to be corrected. When complaints have been filed, but nothing has changed, then refuse to give money to those companies. I went fifteen years with not going to the king, I guess I can go back to the long term hiatus for the king and the clown if need be.

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