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June 16th, 2019 by

GTA5 video, showing Trevor stealing a Cargo Bob Helicopter.


June 9th, 2019 by

Updated the Characters page with information on various characters introduced into this current “Return Point” story. These updates give some insight into what is going on.

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Why Season 8 Sucked, As Well As Season 7

May 29th, 2019 by

WARNING: I have yet to watch season 8. Everything I write about is based on the numerous blogs, articles, and just general chatter about season 8.

Game of Thrones was a cultural phenomenon, though I was a little late glomming on. Season 3 was well underway when I finally picked up the DVD set for season 1, and watched it. Once I watched season 1, and saw the scope, as well as how different this fantasy show was from traditional fantasy, I was a fan.

I understand why people were so upset with the ending. As I had stated in a previous post, I feel the real reason was HBO’s decision to foreshorten the final season or even divide up what should have been the final season into two seasons.

When people began asking about how Game of Thrones would end, and it was becoming apparent that there would have to be an ending, HBO executives made an odd announcement. The announcement was seasons seven and eight would be foreshortened. Instead of a full season seven, which would end the series, HBO decided to split the seventh season. The main argument was the studios, and channel plan for so many hours of television for a series. Bullshit on that. Many television series last until fan interest wanes or the cast is tired of doing the show. Look at how Seinfeld ended. Look at how Big Bang Theory ended. Both shows could have continued on, and fan interest was not really waning, the cast just grew tired of doing the shows.

Granted the big production budget required for Game of Thrones did limit the length of the story, and the fact that George R.R. Martin was going to end the book series, at some time, did limit show length. Yet, the way HBO handled the final of one of the biggest, and best shows on television, lead to the sucktastic final.

If HBO executives had decided to not split season seven into two foreshortened seasons, then the writers would not have been put into a very awkward position. Yes, the writers did handle things poorly, and even though the writers only had six episodes for the final season, things could have been handled differently. As written in another post, the writers could have treated season 8 in three distinct acts of two episodes each. If the writers had decided to do this, the Battle at Winterfell, against the White Walkers, and the Night King could have been more satisfactory. Lasting two episodes, with many deaths, and a possible reason for Dany to snap. Though Dany, as discussed in a previous post, was already goose stepping toward being a dictator.

Game of Thrones seasons usually follow a pattern. That pattern is a three act model. The characters are introduced, the situation is built up, certain characters are now put in a very bad position, then there is a resolution. The resolution is a main character dies, and other characters are changed. Arya changed greatly after the events of the Red Wedding. After the event, the changed characters set off on a different quest. The following season reintroduces the characters, and their new quests.

Season 7 sucked, because it felt like a build up to season 8. The protagonists bumble and stumble about to gather allies for the big war against death, in the form of White Walkers and the Night King. Dany arrives on Westoros, and immediately goes into conquest mode. This is Dany the dictator. Like all dictators, they have good intentions, will use any means to achieve them, and justify the means with good intentions. Granted Cersi was not a saint, but we knew she was the bad guy. The real stupidity of Tyrion was trusting his sister.

After all the build up, the much anticipated Season 8 arrives. There is some high drama, and then due to the whole poor handling of the show by the executives, and writers whom could not find anyway out of the situation, other than God From A Machine events, the season disappointed fans.

From my own understanding, it was not really too much of a disappointment. Granted it probably would not lead to satisfaction, but HBO tends to do this with the major series. Sopranos anyone? I understand the ending, and why it went black, it was just not satisfying after watching the characters change, and become darker. But, I digress.

I think the reason fans were disappointed was the sudden shifts, and sudden endings. All of it as written above was HBO’s doing. If HBO stated that season seven was the last season, and more writers were being bought in, as well as George being brought in for some greater oversight, then the ending might have been more satisfying.

Think of how Dany becoming more and more brutal, and eventually becoming the power mad dictator could have been handled over a full season. The final battle for the throne would have been more epic, and her advisors reasons for betrayal could be more weighty. Jon seeing Dany slip toward dictator would give him reason in the end to kill Dany. The whole White Walker, Night King battle could have been epic, and Arya finally slaying the Night King could have been satisfactory. Yes, it would have been so easy, but ultimately if you watch the whole series, the Night King created the army, and if slain, all would die. Who delivered the killing blow does not matter.

For myself, once the DVD set comes out, I will watch season 8, and enjoy the good stuff. It is an ending, and I will have to live with the ending. No amount of protest or petitioning will change HBO’s mind. What I do not get, HBO seems to not really learn from the mistakes made in the past. What will happen when HBO ends up with another really big, fan driven show?

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Why Are People Upset?

May 22nd, 2019 by

BEING HONEST: I have yet to watch an episode of season 8. Everything I have written in previous posts (here & here), and in this one is based on what I have read from those dreaded spoilers, and other stuff on the internet.

A lot of people were upset with the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season 8. From everything I have read, the most common complaints are, the season felt rushed, and the writers sucked.

The first complaint is due to HBO’s decision not to just end Game of Thrones with a full season 7, which makes more sense considering how season 7 was a bunch of knuckleheads wandering about, trying to muster forces to fight the Night King. Seems like the entire season 7 was a build up to give the Night King a dragon to tear down the wall and march south. Season 8 had it’s ups and downs, ending with down. If HBO had decided not to split the final season into two seasons, seven and eight, allowed for more time to pass between season 6 and 7, so writers could engross themselves fully into the final, things might have been different. But, it is what it is, and all the fans crying, protesting, and petitioning will not change anything. Yes, everything was rushed.

Since the writers did not have any source material for the final two seasons from George, they should have reviewed the first six seasons carefully, and built on that. If the writers were competent, Arya might have ended up killing Cersi disguised as Jamie. Then she would have had to escape the wrath of the Mountain, and the Hound would have fought his brother to the death to save Arya.

Daenerys Targaryen was not a nice person, and you could see the bloodlust from the moment she married Kahl Drogo. Once she realized people loved her because she was an authority figure, she built upon the cult of personality. She used her immunity from fire to incinerate the witch, hatch her dragons, and rise from the ashes. The Dothraki who followed her after that spectacle were bewitched. At Qarth she seduced rich men, and used her baby dragons as a sort of bargaining chip.

After leaving Qarth she raised an army through ruthlessness. The Unsullied were stolen from their masters. Dany bargained with a dragon, and when she had control of the Unsullied, used her motherhood to kill the master. Then the dragons flew around roasting anyone who could protest. Next Dany conquered city after city. She secured the Second Sons by seducing one of their leaders.

Eventually Dany faced rebellion, and after flying off on Drogo, she was captured by the Dothraki. Knowing she was immune to flame, she burned all the chiefs to death, and exited the building naked but now a goddess to the Dothraki. With the Dothraki and Second Sons, she reconquered the cities. Now she had a partial fleet. When Yara arrived, Dany seduced Yara, and had the Iron Fleet added to her fleet. Now Dany could conquer Westoros.

Why did Dany just not stay in the east and enjoy her empire? She was insane and felt entitled to rule Westoros. Like any power mad dictator, Dany felt she knew better, and could use power to change things. Conquer the Conquerors, Hate the Haters, yadda-yadda.

Like any child of abuse, and Dany was abused by her brother, probably raped as well, Dany subdued her anger, but carried it around, waiting for the right time to let it all out. Once Dany was no longer viewed as weak, she just kept letting out her rage. It manifested in Season 8, episode 5. When she felt the unlimited power she had, and waged a total war on King’s Landing. War is an absolute. You win or lose. You win, you write the history books. Dany had more level headed advisors, whom realized she was going to be the worst dictator the world ever faced. So, Dany had to die. There is still a Dragon the size of a 747 flying around the world. No one discussed how to handle Drogo?

There was also the whole God From a Box, in the form of Arya killing the Night King. After most of the show was building up to this big bad undead versus living battle, we have one episode, and it is over. If the writers had handled the final six episodes in a three act concept, the first two episodes could have been build up for a two episode battle against the Night King. Most of your second tier characters, like Hound, Theon, etc. could have a moment in the spotlight, die dramatically, and a final confrontation with Arya killing the Night King could have been a satisfying dramatic end. The third act could have been the battle for the throne, and Dany going nuts could have been more satisfying in the fact that the conflict with the Night King could have caused her to do so.

Ultimately all the spoilers I have read, and all the chatter has made me really want to watch season 8. I will follow my normal procedure, wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray set to come out, and bing watch the season.

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GoT, Season 8, Episode 3

May 1st, 2019 by

In my previous post, I wrote about the first two episodes of Game of Thrones, and made predictions about how the Battle of Winterfell would play out. I gave either/or pairings of the main character, and odds of dying. Even predicted odds of some of the secondary characters that people were familiar with. I am humble, and I suck to some extent, but the season is only half over. The writers for Game of Thrones chose not to extend the battle against the Night King over two episodes, but chose to have an extra long episode, 82 minutes, to tell the tale.


Based on everything I have read, it seems too anti-climactic. The Night King was the big super magical all powerful being whom loomed over the entire story of the show. Arya slew the Night King with a dagger, and that was that. Seems too God from a Machine, but logical to some extent. The Night King created all the wrights and other White Walkers, and if the Night King was destroyed, all his creations were destroyed.

Now instead of splitting the final six episodes into three distinct acts, the writers have chosen, major battle, reflection, and major battle, with wrap up approach. If the writers had taken the three distinct acts approach, all the Dothraki and Unsullied whom died would still be a distinct disadvantage for the heroes to take the throne from Cersi, but another dragon dying… Danny still has two dragons, which gives a very solid advantage to her. Even though Cersi might have numbers, 20,000 fried mercenaries aren’t going to be advantageous. The fourth episode will have some surprises, but the fifth episode will be the battle for the throne. The final episode will be how Westros settles under Danny’s rule. If Danny does rule?

Whom died? Not any major characters, just some secondary and tertiary characters. Even then, it was sparse.

Melisandre shows up, ignites the Dothraki swords, and ends of dead. Sort of committing suicide when she takes off her amulet, and just dies.

Jorah Mormont dies defending Daenerys. I predicted this, and his odds were high that he would die.

Theon Greyjoy died defending Bran. I thought he would die defending Sansa. His odds were high he would die, but he was not the wild card I thought he was.

Lyanna Mormont, well she was only a small part. Died killing a zombie ice giant.

Lord Beric Dondarrion, well, he was going to go at some point. From what I read, I am surprised it was not the Hound. There is still plenty of time for the Hound to die defending Arya. Too many people think he is going to live and possibly marry Sansa. Seriously? If he does make it to the end, Sansa might realize the Hound was the only guy who treated her right, and respected her. Maybe.

Viserion, the Ice Dragon. Once the Night King was destroyed, well, anything the Night King created was destroyed.

Game of Thrones has had its ups and downs. Unfortunately fan favorites tend to die in surprising fashion. Though, it seems like the bad guys eventually get what they deserve. If you think about it, good guys do die, but they are only minor to some extent. Even Ned Stark, Katheryn Stark, and Robb Stark, though fan favorites, and considered major good guys were only minor players in the overall Game of Thrones arc.

Looking back, Sansa & Arya were removed form Winterfell, then took two different journey’s home. It stands to logic that the two sisters were intended to live out the entire show. Danny was returning home to Westros, though she does not remember any of it. Jon Snow was removed from Winterfell, only to return.

Jamie, Tyrion, and the Hound were reprehensible to some extent, and now are serving a greater purpose. So, more than likely they will survive.

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