In alphabetical order, based on the Universe they originally resided. Some appeared only once or may have appeared or even will appear in various Gorilla Fish or Kid Spider Stories.


2B-Bot: Dr(s). Andre Wolfenberg and Derrick Wolfenberg
Former twin scientists who escaped Germany when France, England and Russia invaded to stop Hitler from rebuilding the nation. They fled to South America, developed their cybernetic and cloning technology, as well as various other high technologies, which they sold to villains. They became aware that they were dying of a rare cancer, and decided to transplant both of their brains into a cybernetic machine based on the female form, while they grew clone bodies. Because of their dealing in armaments, and technologies to villains, a mob boss dying of a rare disease came to them for help. They transplanted his brain into a male Orangutang while they grew him a clone body.

Orangutang brought 2B-Bot to Big City as an adviser and developer for his organization. This brought them into conflict with BagBoy and CardStock as well as other heroes. Eventually this caused problems with their ability to do work. Realizing organizing the villains to work in concert would be far more productive for all, 2B-Bot formed the villain organization that exists today.

During an experiment, 2B-Bot picked up an odd distortion, and went to investigate. 2B-Bot found Gorilla Fish dealing with police officers, and offered assistance. Gorilla Fish was a being from another dimension, with help from 2B-Bot, Gorilla Fish constructed another possible dimensional travel machine. Before it could be operational, Gorilla Fish was returned to his universe.

After some obstacles to overcome, 2B-Bot established communications with Gorilla Fish and began exploring another universe, the MLJ Universe, where they contacted Death Boss. The three villains established the first central and stable working dimensional travel apparatus. Due to events in Gorilla Fish’s Universe, the main apparatus would reside with 2B-Bot.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: The robotic body is extremely durable, and strong. It also allows the scientists to speak, and is equipped with a device that allows them limited mental control abilities.

Backhoe: Phillip Dirt
Suffered a serious job site accident losing his right arm and doing damage to a good deal of his body. An experiment enhancement process gave him increased strength and returned the use of his limbs, but did not regenerate his lost arm. Phil built a cybernetic, hydraulic arm similar to a small backhoe that he used to operate, and fitted it to his right shoulder. He soon began a life of crime as the criminal Backhoe. During his first venture into Big City he fought Kid Spider and Helper Monkey.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He is stronger than a normal human being, probably able to lift 1000 lbs. His cybernetic backhoe arm can smash through most substances and hit with enough power to stun or stagger even the most powerful foes.

BagBoy: Burt Chopper
Working as a bag boy at a supermarket, Burt stopped a mugging, this inspired him to become a superhero. Though he had no superpowers, he was skilled at fighting, and seemed to have a blind luck that helped him. BagBoy was joined by his best friend, CardStock in the endeavor and they became the scourge of Big City crime. BagBoy managed to help and rescue an alien robotic being, PinBot, who provided BagBoy with high tech support, and upgraded equipment.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He is a gifted hand-to-hand combatant after years of training as a superhero. He uses a variety of weapons, when he was Bagboy, he used many high-tech gadgets crafted by Pinbot (See Pinbot)

CardStock: Wallace “Wally” Grimes
An average geeky teenager who was fascinated with card games, when his best friend Burt wanted to become a superhero, Wally tried to talk him out of the endeavor, but eventually aided him. CardStock fought crime by throwing playing cards, and eventually was upgraded to energy blast cards when PinBot came along.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Gifted fighter, he carries a deck of magic playing cards that allowed him to fire energy bolts or form energy shields. He also carried a variety of gadgets developed by Pinbot (See Pinbot)

Chatter: Unknown
Female twin of a criminal duo, they specialize in jewelry store robberies. They were thwarted by Kid Spider and Helper Monkey recently.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Hypersonic and sonic powers. When she combines his powers with her brother, the powers are magnified and enhanced.

Chitter: Unknown
Male twin of a criminal duo, they specialize in jewelry store robberies. They were thwarted by Kid Spider and Helper Monkey recently.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Hypersonic and sonic powers. When he combines his powers with his sister, the powers are magnified and enhanced.

CobBoy: Unknown
Big, strong and invulnerable, CobBoy was hired by Orangutang as backup to his main crime group, Fruit Faced Bandits. CobBoy is usually docile, but easily enraged. For his size, he is surprisingly fast.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Superhumanly strong, and nearly invulnerable, he was not to bright, and was easily manipulated.

DeMonica: Monica Demone
The daughter of an extra-dimensional demon, she came to BagBoy’s dimension to cause problems, and commit crimes. She has extensive magical powers, but prefers to use them in pursuit of mischief.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She is super-strong, and nearly invulnerable. She wields vast amounts of magical energy.

Destructo: Morton Saul
A nuclear scientist who ended up turning himself into a living nuclear pile requiring a massive mechanical life-support suit to keep him from contaminating anything he touched. Eventually he went insane because of the isolation, and began destroying Big City. As he rampaged, he began building up heat and energy to a point where he would go critical and explode. It was the collective efforts of Big City’s heroes that stopped him. Unfortunately the battle exists only in comic book format, because events that happened millennia ago collided with Speed Bump’s attempts to stop Destructo from going critical, and removed both Speed Bump and Destructo from the BagBoy timeline and universe. Destructo was rescued from limbo by Death Boss and 2B-Bot, their intent was to eventually upgrade him for nefarious reasons.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can fire out massive radioactive energy bolts, and manipulate nuclear forces. His one major power is too send himself into critical mass, which would result in a nuclear bomb like explosion.

Doctor Downfall: Alfred Crosby
A dentist who claimed to be of royal heritage, he was frequently providing medical aid to Orangutang and his gang. Convicted of aiding and abetting crime, he lost his practice. A gifted robotic and electrical engineer as a hobby, he built a suit of powered armor, and began being a villain. Eventually his royal lineage was proven, and he became leader of a country. He was killed by Gorilla Fish during a meeting of the villains.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: His armor gave him super strength, and near invulnerability. It had an advanced communication array built in, as well as some survival features. He could fire powerful energy blasts.

Fruit Faced Bandits: Various
Orangutang’s main criminal group, they usually control various enterprises or do various crimes. Composed of criminals whom Orangutang finances, they were foam masks of a specific fruit, and communicate with each other using the name of the fruit. They have come into frequent contact with BagBoy and CardStock. The Fruit Faced Bandits travelled to the MLJ Universe to kidnap Nude Swimmer so 2B-Bot could transplant Death Boss’ brain into it.

Gorilla Girl: Letisha Weeks
Teenage girl who gained her powers through an unknown magical ritual.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She has the strength and speed of a full grown adult male gorilla, she can lift about 6,000 lbs. run at about 25 miles per hour, and her reflexes, as well as agility are faster than peak human attributes of similar nature.

Helper Monkey: Little Nutbreaker
A cappuccino monkey from Brazil, he gained super powers from a meteor that crashed into his tribes forest. Along with an array of super powers, he gained super human intelligence, and the ability to speak human languages.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can fly at hypersonic speeds, is nearly environmentally independent, has vision powers, super strength, and is nearly invulnerable.

Kid Spider (see Teen Spider): Kyle Chopper

Lady Bloodline: Linda Tepish

She was the half demonic daughter of a woman and the father of DeMonica, who had come to the BagBoy dimension posing as the mythical Count Dracula. When she realized she had extensive powers, she became a superhero and took her name thinking she was related to Count Dracula. It was not until she fought DeMonica when she discovered the truth. Lady Bloodline had a romance going with BagBoy. For a while it seemed like her half sister DeMonica had turned good, and was dating CardStock. In reality DeMonica was using the relationship to get Lady Bloodline’s dagger, the Slicer of Souls. Lady Bloodline entered into a battle with some extra dimensional entity who tried invading the Earth, she won, but disappeared.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Lady Bloodline has well above average strength, faster than human reflexes, the ability to regenerate, night vision, and the ability to read auras. She has some magical talents as well. She carried the Slicer of Souls, which is a dagger with the abilities deposes a person and send extra dimensional entities back from where they came. If magical rituals are performed on the dagger, it can bind a person’s soul to the wielder, and make them a zombie.

Leisure Suit: Monty Roads
A former disco dancer and stage magician, he lost his jobs when disco music and stage magic became less popular. Broke and destitute, during a binge of drugs, alcohol and sex, he discovered he had true magical powers. Those powers came forward in the form of being able to raise the dead, and control them. He also has a innate ability to absorb energy and use it in sound and light attacks.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He has the mystic ability to reanimated the dead and mentally control them. He has the mutant power to absorb energy and create sound and light attacks. He does have limited mystic abilities beyond reanimating dead as well.

Midge: Darla Williams
Former stripper, she gained the power to shrink in size, grow wings, and retain normal human strength. She can generate and fire bioelectric blasts, it is unknown if she has to be in a shrunken state to do so. Deciding to use her powers to become a criminal, she partnered with Sock Puppet. During one of their crimes, Kid Spider interfered. She knocked him out with a blast, and was prepared to kill him when Oarsman interfered.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She can shrink to the size of an insect. At small size she sprouts wings and can fly. She still has the strength of an adult woman even at small size. She can also fire bioelectric blasts.

Oarsman: Unknown
He looks like an eighties glam rocker, and appears to have some form of weather control ability. He wields an oar as a weapon. He prevented Midge and Sock Puppet from killing Kid Spider, and together they defeated the criminal duo. He then disappeared.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He appears to have some control over local weather. Seems to have speed and strength greater than a human male his size and weight. He carries an oar which he uses as a weapon.

Orangutang: Vito Sipicolli
The mob boss of bosses in Big City. He was dying of a rare cancer. He tracked down a supplier of high tech weapons used by various villains, 2B-Bot, and asked if they could help him. Not wanting to be a brain in a jar, Vito had 2B-Bot transplant his brain into a suitable creature, an adult male Orangutang, until a clone could be grown. Orangutang bought 2B-Bot to Big City to provide operational support. This brought 2B-Bot into conflict with the heroes of Big City, who disrupted work. 2B-Bot worked with Orangutang to organize the villains into a society. During a ceremony to induct two villains from another dimension, Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace, Doctor Downfall was slain. Though this did not dissuade Orangutang from voting to induct the villains, it caused him to question motives. Orangutang provide operational support for 2B-Bot and Death Boss’ trip to Death Boss’ universe to have his brain transplanted into Nude Swimmer’s body.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He had the strength and speed associated with an adult male orangutang.

PinBot: Unknown
A member of the Robian race, his ship crash landed in Big City. BagBoy fought Doctor Downfall to keep PinBot from falling into his hands. Grateful for his help, PinBot began providing logistical, and technical support to the heroes of Big City, including upgrading BagBoy and CardStock’s gear. PinBot has his own schemes, and now appears to be working with Gorilla Fish to counter 2B-Bot.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can take over any computer-based machinery, is built out of extremely durable metals, and is super strong. He is also an incredible innovator who develops various advanced weapons.

Sock Puppet: Charles “Chuck” Wier
Circus performer, and low level criminal, he developed a costume and identity to commit crimes. His arms and legs are capable of extending to fifteen feet. It is unknown if it is a natural ability or if it is a mechanism in his costume. He teamed up with Midge to commit crimes, and during a crime, they were interrupted by Kid Spider. Sock Puppet was defeated, but Midge attacked, and knocked out Kid Spider. Midge wanted to kill Kid Spider, but they were stopped by Oarsman. Sock Puppet and Midge were defeated by Kid Spider and Oarsman.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He is agile and flexible, as well as acrobatic. His arms and legs can stretch to nearly 20 feet.

Speed Bump: Unknown
He has the power to redirect energy, specifically kinetic energy. He uses this ability to create a field around himself and travel at high rates of speed. He remembers being allies with the heroes of Big City, and fighting Destructo, but was shunted out of the universe and time stream. Residue from the battle translated into his exploits becoming the stuff of comic books. He was introduced into a comic book based on the adventures of BagBoy with Destructo. Gorilla Fish, 2B-Bot and Death Boss pulled him from limbo, then let him go. His arrival has caused confusion amongst BagBoy and his group.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can channel and shunt kinetic energy for various uses. He uses this ability to create a field around himself and travel at high rates of speed.

Teen Spider: Kyle Chopper
Kyle is the cousin of BagBoy, he was dying of a rare genetic ailment, but cured using an experimental serum of blood laced with spider DNA. He gained spider like powers, including agility, strength, sticking to surfaces, and web spinning. Inspired by his cousin fighting crime, Kyle donned the identity of Kid Spider and was nearly killed in his first foray due to inexperience. Warned by his cousin not to continue being a superhero, and just having superpowers does not mean he is immune to harm, Kyle has ignored the warnings.

Kyle was knocked into another dimension, and lived for five years as a squire to the resident demon hunter, Lord Pumpkin. Kyle kept his powers secret, do to the superstitious nature of the people he dealt with. Kyle was found by Gorilla Girl and Helper Monkey, and returned to his home dimension.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Web spinning, super-strength, super-agility


50 Ft. Broad: Donna Wolf
A former stripper/escort who can grow to a fifty foot tall giant due to an experiment gone wrong. Cigar Man was one of her clients, in his secret identity.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Grow to giant form and has the strength to lift one 100 tons, and is somewhat invulnerable.

Cigar Man: Paul Grivano
He gains various powers from smoking specific cigars. When he smokes one cigar he might be super strong, but if he smokes a different cigar he becomes invulnerable. He apparently cannot smoke multiple cigars for multiple powers, and smoking a different cigar overrides the other power. He located Calamari’s headquarters in his dimension, he fought 2B-Bot and was defeated by Death Swimmer. After the battle, the villains fled.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Various depending on the cigar he smokes. He can be super strong, invulnerable or have super speed. He can breathe underwater or fly.

Humidor: Manuel Cintus
He is Cigar Man’s side kick and carries plenty of cigars as well as a lighter. He is an expert in martial arts.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Expert in mixed martial arts, fencing, and various weapons.

Lefty: Unknown
A chimp who appears to have human intelligence, and lost his right eye, which he covers with a patch. He is a skilled fighter, weapons expert, and tactician. He leads a group of mercenaries. He was dispatched by Calamari to the BagBoy dimension to kill Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace, but the two escaped. He did managed to kidnap Scurvy Dog and bring him back.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Tactical expert and weapons expert. Normal strength and speed for an adult male chimpanzee.

Snow Angel: Anna Smith
A mutant with the ability to subtract heat to generate snow and ice. Her powers become more formidable when she works with her twin sister, Snow Blind. Together their attack on Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace nearly killed them, but it was a timely intervention by Scurvy Dog that allowed them to escape.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She can subtract heat and freeze moisture into snow and ice.

Snow Bird: Laurie Smith
A mutant who can subtract heat as well as control air movement. She can reduce temperatures to near absolute zero. With her twin sister her powers become magnified. Together their attack on Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace nearly killed them, but it was a timely intervention by Scurvy Dog that allowed them to escape.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She can subtract heat to a level of bringing localized temperatures to absolute zero and control air movement to create chilling blasts of air.

Spindle: Unknown
Alien telepath who can stick to walls, and turn invisible. He provided communications between Lefty and did scouting work to locate Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace, though Gorilla Fish detected him, Lefty’s attack kept the two off balance, and Snow Angel and Snow Blind teleported in to attack with their combine powers.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Telepathy, ability to turn invisible, and stick to walls.

Stub: Unknown
Lefty’s normal chimpanzee brother. He is loyal to Cigar Man.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Normal strength and agility for an adult male chimpanzee.


Blood Hawk: Othello Weeks
A former mercenary who’s potential was realized after the refraction of Dr. Fantastic. Upon realizing he was now far better than before, he decided to broaden the scope of his crimes. He was seen fighting, and eventually defeated by, Point Man after Point Man decided to remain in the Doctor Fantastic Universe.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He has well above average speed, strength, agility and intelligence. His abilities with weapons are superhuman.

Doctor Fantastic: Phil Spectacular
A nuclear scientist who gained extensive superpowers due to an accident with an experimental particle accelerator. He could manipulate energy and control the basic forces of matter to an extensive level. He theorized he could travel to other dimensions, but did not do so due to a warning from Morana that it would collapse the multiverse. It was not until Gorilla Fish arrived with Point Man in his universe that caused him to consider possibilities. After protecting Gorilla Fish and Point Man from Morana’s attack, he decided to not travel dimensions, and keep Morana contained.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Nuclear Physicist. He has the ability to manipulate the fundamental forces, various energies and matter to an infinite degree. He can teleport distances and is environmentally independent. He has theorized that he can teleport between dimensions.

Morana: Morana
A being who claims to be one of the first humans in Doctor Fantastic’s Universe, she has god like abilities to manipulate matter and energy. She shows an extensive knowledge of the multiverse structure, and could theoretically travel at will to other universes, but claims such travel could cause the multiverse to collapse.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She has the ability to manipulate the fundamental forces, various energies and matter to an infinite degree. She knows how to teleport between dimensions but claims doing so could collapse the multiverse.


Lord Pumpkin: Ichabod
It is unknown how Lord Pumpkin gained his powers, but he became a demon hunter/slayer, and hunter of evil in a colonial era world. Lord Pumpkin does appear to be human, and wearing a pumpkin for a head, but no one has seen him in his civilian identity.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can generate massive amounts of fire, and when he is hunting demons or evil, his pumpkin head is surrounded in fire. Lord Pumpkin also carried a black powder pistol.

Squire Squash: Kyle Chopper
Suffering from amnesia after being accidentally knocked through a dimensional transfer, Kid Spider was raised by Lord Pumpkin to hunt demons, and other evils in a colonial era. He rarely used his powers. It is presumed his powers have grown since he has aged.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can stick to walls and surfaces, as well as fire webbing from spinnerets in his wrists. As Kid Spider, Kyle could lift a car over his head, his strength might have increased. Kyle was already extremely agile and acrobatic, this might have increased as well.


Big Hairy: William Harry
He is big and hairy, he was a former wrestler and outcast from society. He fought 2B-Bot in Death Boss’s (Death Swimmer) lab and was beaten.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Above average human strength, and somewhat invulnerable.

Brain Boy: Jefferson Washington
The nephew to Ghetto Mama, he is a genius when it comes to computers, electronics, and mechanics. He was drafted by the Mighty League of Justice after the death of Nude Swimmer to rebuild the wrecked dimensional travel machine in Death Boss’ (Death Swimmer) hideout. He rebuilt it, and several MLJ members with him came to the BagBoy Universe.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Genius Intelligence.

Calamari: Cynthia Locke
A former bikini model, during a shoot, a wave of radioactive toxic ooze, containing a squid washed over her. She was transformed into a creature with a squid head and bikini body. Losing her employment, she turned to crime. She met Death Boss, and became his confidant, and partner. They developed a relationship. Calamari’s tentacles can entwine people, and crush them. She appears to have greater than normal strength. Calamari travelled with Death Boss to the BagBoy dimension, and helped in their criminal enterprises. She traveled to the Cigar Man Universe to establish a criminal cartel there, and provide another base for Death Boss and 2B-Bot. She sent a mercenary group from the Cigar Man universe to dispatch Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace, the group failed, and the two escaped. Cigar Man located her headquarters and attacked. Death Swimmer, 2B-Bot, and Calamari defeated Cigar Man and his crew, then fled.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She is somewhat stronger than a normal human. The tentacles of her squid head can lift multiple large adult males, and toss them like baseballs. She also can spew a cloud of ink. Her large eyes give her greater field of vision, and even better vision than normal.

Death Boss (Death Swimmer): Horatio Ulysses Desmond III
A funeral parlor owner, who was a brilliant biologist, chemist and engineer, he began experimenting with the corpses in his charge. He developed several drugs, and creatures related to his experiments, and was arrested for kidnapping children and puppies. He lost his license, but managed to keep his property, so he converted his former funeral parlor into a secret villain layer. Eventually he came into conflict with the hero group, Mighty League of Justice. After several set backs, he teamed up with Calamari, and developed a relationship with her. His skills and work caught the eye of 2B-Bot, who had observed him via a device built by Gorilla Fish. 2B-Bot then travelled to the MLJ dimension, contacted Death Boss, and offered an alliance. The three villains built a more powerful and stable form of the dimensional travel platform. Death Boss began forming an alliance with 2B-Bot and both decided to eliminate Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace. While 2B-Bot transplanted Death Boss’ brain into Nude Swimmer’s body, Calamari sent mercenaries to kill Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace. The mercenaries failed. 2B-Bot defeated the MLJ, and forced them to not pursue the new Death Swimmer and 2B-Bot. Death Swimmer and 2B-Bot barely had arrived in the Cigar Man Universe when the hero, Cigar Man attacked. They defeated Cigar Man and his compatriots, and fled because of a more extensive plan.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Brilliant biologist, chemist and engineer. Now in the body of nude swimmer, he is in peak human condition, and can swim really well.

Extra Arm: Freddy Zilsnik
Born with an extra arm on the back of his head, he was a freak. His arm did function like a normal arm, but it was on the back of his head. He eventually joined the Mighty League of Justice to do good. He brought the package containing Nude Swimmer’s brain to the group’s headquarters in a storage unit. When the arrived at Death Boss’ layer, they fought and were beaten by 2B-Bot.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: His extra arm comes in handy sometimes.

Ghetto Mama: Sphari Douglas
She has a bad attitude, but the ability to actually command people to not do things. She fought 2B-Bot at Death Boss’ (Death Swimmer) lab, and lost.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She has the ability of subliminal suggestion when she vocalizes a command.

Hands: Terrance Dil
A dwarf with extremely large hands. He is street smart and tough. Sometimes the de facto leader of the Mighty League of Justice. His hands are extremely strong and he has crushed bricks with them. He fought 2B-Bot and lost.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: His hands are extremely strong.

Nude Swimmer: Frederick Pit
A former championship swimmer and underwear model. He dated Calamari before her accident, and broke up with her. He was kidnapped by the Fruit Faced Bandits, and his brain was removed by 2B-Bot, and replaced with Death Boss’ brain. His brain, spinal column and eyes are suspended in a preservative fluid in a large jar in the MLJ headquarters.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can swim better than most. He works out, so he is above average in the strength department, and he seems unfazed by temperature swings.

Sir Power: Cedric Buckingham
He claims to be of royal birth, and is the leader of the Mighty League of Justice. He can generate electrical shocks that are equivalent to a simple static shock people experience at times. He wanted to be a superhero but was rejected by other major superhero groups. People jokingly call him Static Man.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He can generate very weak electrical fields.

Special Ed: Edward Dumms
Not exactly the most intelligent guy, he has a gift for solving problems.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: He is annoyingly brilliant; because everyone has told him he is special. He is not really smart, but thinks he is.

Stretch-A-Neck: Military Humanoid Surveillance Drone 467
A cybernetic being built by the military for surveillance, she can extend her neck up to twenty feet. She is equipped with an array of sensory equipment, is somewhat impervious to damage, and has above average strength.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She can stretch her neck up to twenty feet. She also appears to be very skilled in combat, somewhat stronger than a normal person, and a little more durable. Her sensory arrays make her aware of what is going on around her.

Cashmere: Marilyn Woods
An assassin, thief of high end jewelry, as well as con woman.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She has the power to beguile and control the minds of her victims through subsonic and pheromones.

Cat Call: Desiree Dallas
Former exotic dancer as well as thief, she was a sometime ally, as well as romantic interest of Point Man.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Skilled at fighting, has a sonic power, claws, fangs, and she can emit a pheromone that can affect the mood of people.

Cyclopedia: Shanda Williams
Former bodybuilder and professional wrestler, she became involved in an ancient mystic religion that taught about inner sight. From there she developed the power of the third eye. From the third eye she can project energy.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She is stronger and more durable than a normal person. Using a specialized focus helmet, she can project the power of her third eye.

Fletch: David Bearclaw
He was a skilled archer and sidekick to Point Man.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Expert with distance weapons and appears never to miss. He has been trained by Point Man in fighting.

Hooded Rat: Anthony Scarlari
Former research assistant whom was exposed to a radioactive form of bubonic plague. This transformed him into a very agile, strong, and feral individual. He became obsessed with Cat Call, and started attacking anyone he perceived as her rival.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Heightened strength, senses, as well as durability, he uses claws built into his gloves to attack opponents.

Ice Whip Dawn: June Fifth
Former circus performer and stunt woman, June found out she was a mutant with the ability to control local temperatures, as well as project those powers along objects. June decided to become a for hire mercenary.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She can control local temperatures, and project her fields along objects. She can drop temperatures to near absolute zero. Her own body reacts to the changes of temperatures by increasing her mass. When controlling temperatures she can become extremely dense and strong, as well as super hot or cold.

Lady Bug: Shanda Watson
She could shrink to the size of an insect, fly and had bioelectric sting blasts.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: She can shrink to insect size, fly, and fire bioelectric sting blasts.

MooseBy: Anton Littlefoot
He was large with a moose like head, with antlers. He was super strong and nearly invulnerable.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Super strong to where he can lift a semi-truck, nearly invulnerable. His large antlers can be used as a formidable ramming or goring weapon.

Point Man: Jaspar Wingtip
Appears to be a very good combatant, skilled athlete, and acrobat. He was the only being to survive the collapse of his universe due to Gorilla Fish and 2B-Bot fine tuning the dimensional transport. He ventured into the Doctor Fantastic Universe with Gorilla Fish, decided he liked the comic books and stayed. He has begun a crime fighting career, and fought and defeated the potential called Blood Hawk.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Skilled martial artist, detective, and acrobat. He appears somewhat impervious to harm, and may be able to regenerate or heal.


Antenna Girl: Unknown
Her species has the innate ability to control energy via the antenna on their heads. She happens to be a prime wielder and her abilities are beyond even those in her class. Through her antenna, she can control the base energies of the universe. Gravity, the Weak Force, the Strong Force, and Electromagnetic energies are all under her immediate and absolute control.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Ability to wield unlimited amounts of energy at will.

Dark Hammer: Unknown
A member of the Goblin Species from the Andromeda Galaxy, he has the ability to control dark matter. His body suit and the two hammers he wields are composed of dark matter. The suit absorbs most energy directed at Dark Hammer, and his hammers can not only deal physical damage, but upon contact can create a destructive explosion.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Control over Dark Matter. Suit of Dark Matter that absorbs most energies. Dark Matter hammers that can do physical damage as well as generate destructive explosions.


Abacus: Fredrick Abacus
An inventor and scientist who believed in transhumanism. He worked as a supplier and builder of advanced technology to the villains of Universe 2. One experiment lead to the destruction of one of his labs and making his pet goldfish, Goldy, super intelligent. His self neglect lead to him dying of cancer. This moved Goldy to become Gorilla Fish.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Superhuman intelligence. He is considered the father of modern superhuman in Universe 2. Though the government has kept it a secret.

Doctor Menace: Antonio Menacinni
Monarch of a small, yet rich European nation of Zadovia. Hid father was originally the prince, but fled when the Soviet Union took over his country. Antonio went to an American University, met Dr. Abacus, and became knowledgeable in advanced technologies. When the Soviet Union collapsed, he built a suit of armor, and took back his country, installing himself as leader. He acts as confidant to Gorilla Fish, and rescued Gorilla Fish from another dimension. When he and Gorilla Fish were attacked, he managed to protect them until the dimensional machine sent them home.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: A genius in multiple sciences, his armor has a variety of weapons, and defensive mechanisms. He can survive in the depths of the ocean or vacuum of space for limited times.

Gorilla Fish: Goldy and Fluffy
Originally a pet goldfish to Abacus, an accident caused Goldy to gain hyper intelligence. When Abacus died, Goldy had himself installed into a life support chamber with feedback fluid, and then had it grafted into the head of his handler gorilla, Fluffy. Gorilla Fish attempted to travel back in time, but managed to accidentally travel to another dimension, the BagBoy Universe. There Gorilla Fish met the cyborg being, 2B-Bot. Sensing 2B-Bot could help him return home, Gorilla Fish began building a monitor device, and communication device, as well as a possible dimension travel portal. Due to Doctor Menace reversing the events leading to Gorilla Fish being sent to another dimension, Gorilla Fish was pulled back home. Gorilla Fish reestablished communications with 2B-Bot, and both began to work on a more powerful and stable dimensional travel portal. 2B-Bot bought in Death Boss to help, and they had their machine. Gorilla Fish began adventuring through the multiverse, but began to sense that villains were being villains. 2B-Bot and Death Boss conspired against him. Eventually leading to an attempt by other dimension mercenaries to kill Gorilla Fish. Gorilla Fish survived, but was sent home, thanks to Scurvy Dog.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: A genius in multiple sciences, his gorilla body is equipped with enhanced cybernetics, making it stronger and faster. His wrist units can generate various forms of energy and a force field for protection. If linked to a satellite or cellular network, he can push an app to teleport him away, as long as there is equipment he has set up within the area of the network.

Gorilla Fish 2: Goldy and Fluffy
This being is an evolved version of the original Gorilla Fish. After the attack that forced Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace from the BagBoy Universe, the two took up refuge in Doctor Menace’s fortress. Gathering all of their accumulated knowledge from various dimensions, the two beings cloned a more humanoid appearing gorilla body from Fluffy’s DNA. Enhancing the cloned body with cybernetics, and a brain capable of containing Goldy’s advanced intelligence, the being that was created had many advanced, superhuman capabilities.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Gorilla Fish 2 can travel between dimensions at will. There is advanced force fields, as well as weapons built into the cybernetic body, as well as enhanced strength, vision, and life-support.

Grim Vigilance: Unknown
Cyborg bodyguard of the Industrialist. Industrialist had visited Gorilla Fish about upgrading Grim Vigilance.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: A cyborg with enhanced strength and durability, training in forms of armed an unarmed combat, as well as secret weapons systems.

Hallow: Dregor Milvich
Born in a small eastern European nation of Dzegronian, that became torn by war during the fall of the Soviet Union, his family emigrated to the United State via political asylum. Dregor turned out to be a genius, and eventually was accepted into MIT as an engineer at the age of twelve. He studied robotics, electronics, mechanics, and structure. At the age of twenty he turned to physics. He became a villain and used the money he stole to free his nation from the various revolving dictatorships and puppet governments. With the help of Gorilla Fish he did so, and swore allegiance to Gorilla Fish.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Skilled combatant and weapons expert, he has built a variety of weapons and gadgets to aid him in his battles.

Industrialist: Aca Green
He is the worlds first and only Trillionaire. Much of his money was earned legitimately, but he is utterly ruthless, and has come into conflict with superheroes from his dimension. He dealt with Abacus before, and is now a customer of Gorilla Fish.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Wealth is power.

Scurvy Dog: Unknown
How he became the dog he is is unknown, but he lead a group of pirates in the Caribbean. The island he used to hide on became Gorilla Fish’s country, and Scurvy Dog became his right hand man. It was due to Scurvy Dog overriding the virus in the dimensional transport’s computer during the mercenary attack that saved Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace. He was kidnapped by the mercenaries and brought to Cigar Man Universe.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Strong leader, but also a loyal servant, he has above average strength, skilled with various weapons, and he can bite.

Zebulon The Plutonian Pursuer: Zebulon
A plutonian who came to Earth, he joined a superhero group, the League of Champions. He was the one who pursued Abacus and attempted to shut down the technology business Abacus did with villains. When Gorilla Fish took over Abacus’ business, Zebulon attempted to shut down Gorilla Fish.

Powers/Skills/Weapons: Flight, super strength, invulnerability, enhanced vision, shape changing, and nearly environmentally independent. Also has an innate tracking ability that allows him to focus on a target and locate it over vast distances.