Kid Spider Outline

1: Beginnings– From BagBoy and as seen in Gorilla Fish. Kid Spider Begins his adventures, and Helper Monkey is introduced.

2: Gorilla Girl– Introduces a new ally, Gorilla Girl, into the BagBoy/Kid Spider universe. Featuring the return of Lady Bloodline as well.

3: Speed Up– Brings Kid Spider Adventures in line with what has transpired in the Gorilla Fish webcomic, using the character Speed Bump.

4: Mighty Return– The Mighty League of Justice comes to the BagBoy Universe after repairing the dimensional travel machine in Death Swimmer’s old hideout.

5: Time Jump– Kid Spider was accidentally knocked into another dimension. Gorilla Girl and Helper Monkey go to the universe to rescue Kid Spider, due to the efforts of Brain Boy from the Mighty League of Justice. Because time passes different in dimensions, he spends several years in the Lord Pumpkin dimension, and returns as a pre-teen to his own universe after he remembers who he is.

6: Moving On– Kid Spider has returned from Lord Pumpkin’s dimension, and now is turning 13. Introduces Lady Bloodline from BagBoy comic, and major changes happen.

6: Re-Branded– Kid Spider is now Teen Spider. Teen Spider and Helper Monkey go on an adventure to fight crime. Stronger & more skillful in the use of his powers, Teen Spider becomes prone to being distracted.

Gorilla Fish Outline

0: Origin– The Origin of Gorilla Fish. Introduced to his former mentor Abacus, a scientist who supplies weapons to super-villains. Their home universe is Universe II.

1: First Contact– Gorilla Fish attempts to create a time travel machine, but is hurled into another universe (Bagboy Universe) where he meets 2B-Bot.

2: Networking– Gorilla Fish travels back to 2B-Bot’s universe, is introduced to Death Boss & Calamari (MLJ Universe), and begins working on a more powerful dimensional travel machine.

3: Point-Tastic– Gorilla Fish and 2B-Bot accidentally rescue the hero, Point Man, from his dying universe (Point Man Universe). In attempts to discover the source of the destructive force, the villains team up with Point Man, and send him, with Gorilla Fish to a pocket universe containing the hero, Dr. Fantastic.

4: Bumps– Gorilla Fish and his allies pull the hero Speed Bump from temporal limbo back into a reality that views Speed Bump as only a work of fiction.

5: Meetings – 2B-Bot meets with the villain alliance of the Bagboy Universe to introduce and nominate for membership, Gorilla Fish, Doctor Menace, and Death Boss.

6: Bad Boys – 2B-Bot and Death Boss go to Death Boss’ home universe, the Might League of Justice Universe, to do something really bad.

7: Moves – An extra-dimensional hit squad is sent by Calamari on behalf of 2B-Bot and Death Boss (now Death Swimmer) to kill Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace.

8: Smoke Break – Cigar Man and his crew attack Calamari’s hideout only to find out she has interesting allies from another dimension.