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Welcome to my neighborhood establishment, it has evolved greatly. From posting my work in attempts to showcase my comic skills, to posting YouTube videos and previous comics. Below I am posting the origins of the main characters, and comics I have posted to this site in order. Plus a personal bio of me.
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Brad T. Janowitz (Proprietor)

The Proprietor

Brad T. Janowitz
As stated above I was hoping to post my comic book ideas, and I was hoping to eventually write for big comic book companies. Considering the state of comic books currently, I would like to self publish.

I have worked in art centered fields in the past. I actually have a Bachelor’s Degree In Art, Theatrical Major and Art Minor. I have worked for various companies more as a designer. If you are an artist/designer, you know the difference. I have maintained this site on and off for 17 years so far. It has been fun. I am posting below the origins of my comics in order. Enjoy.

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After stopping a purse snatching at work, Burt Chopper, a college freshman at Forest Hill University, is inspired to create an online comic strip based on the name given to him by the news media – “Bagboy”. Bagboy is a young superhero that fights various villains and teams up with other heroes based on Burt’s college friends.

I ended the comic several years later. And moved on to other things.


This was more of a comic, off the wall concept. The first strip merged Jersey Shores with Tattoine. It sort of worked, and I went from there. After A while it just ended.

Real Fans

1,000 years in the future, fandom becomes religion. Do to social changes, advanced technology and super science, fans of genres of science fiction and fantasy could become the characters of their adoration. Some fans went through drastic procedures to become even more like the characters of fiction. Others just became devoted to their chosen genre to the point where they dressed and lived similar to the characters. Real Fans follows the life of Oliver and Marty as they travel from con to con, and have a job.

Gorilla Fish

Gorilla Fish was a thought. A background character intended for a larger project conceived of over twenty years ago. The project was “Universe II”, a parallel universe for a primary comic book universe I was developing. Like most comic book universes, there are archetypes most everyone follows. Gorilla Fish was unique in look, but even that look evolved. After setting aside the project, when I revisited it from time to time, I would go through the characters. Gorilla Fish stood out. I wrote up a basic origin, eventually changing it a bit, then fleshing it out.

Gorilla Fish never really fit too well within Universe II. I moved him to the Bagboy Universe and had him team up with 2B-Bot. After I took down the Bagboy comic, I experimented with various other comics, then relaunched with Gorilla Fish.

Kid Spider (Teen Spider)

Years ago when I published a web comic under the title of “BagBoy” Kid Spider was the eight year old cousin of BagBoy. Actually Kyle Chopper (Kid Spider) was the young cousin of Burt Chopper (BagBoy) a college student who worked at a grocery store as a bag boy. Burt was doing a web comic of a superhero called BagBoy and Burt created Kid Spider to amuse his younger cousin.

I was doing Gorilla Fish, decided I was not happy overall, and started Kid Spider. This lasted a while, I evolved him to Teen Spider, then ended the comic.