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If there were a few modes of transportation featured in the Brady Bunch prominently, it was the bicycle, surf board and car. The bicycle was the first mode of transportation all of the Brady Children used to get around the city, which was presumed to be Los Angeles. For some reason you never heard of them using the bus. Alice was the only one who talked about using the bus.

The bicycle was featured prominently though out the entire run of the show. It revealed Bobby had a fear of heights after he would not race Greg down a hill. Bobby had recovered from a sprained ankle after falling out of a tree. Greg offered to trade bikes, because his has handbrakes, but Bobby refused. Greg brought it to Mike’s attention, and with Carol, the three deduced Bobby’s fall caused him to fear heights. Bobby’s love for a bird drove him to overcome the fear. It was probably the first time Bobby did not like Tiger.

Because Jan rode the wrong bicycle home, well it looked like her bike, but lacked the dent Bobby had put in the frame after running into it with his bike. Bobby tended to be accident prone. Jan had to return the bike, and nearly screwed up Mike’s anniversary surprise for Carol, a photo of their children. Jan got glasses, but in her own neurotic way, refused to wear them. This caused her to ironically run into the picture that had been hidden in the carport. In order to get the picture reshot, Jan sold her bike. The new photo had Jan wearing glasses, and that tipped off Mike. Like the wise man he was, he forgave his middle daughter.

Peter’s first job involved repairing bicycles at Martinelli’s Bike Shop. Unfortunately his abilities were lacking, but he was a good worker. Oddly, he was a bad worker when it came to Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor. Maybe he figured if he was going to be fired for being a prompt, hardworking, but inept worker, being lazy was the way to go. Instead of telling his parents, Peter lied, and claimed he was promoted to salesman. The family celebrated with cake. Peter, even talked Mike and Carol into buying bikes. When Mike and Carol went to buy the bikes, they found out the truth. They forgave Peter, and understood his embarrassment. The Brady’s rode off into the sunset.

Greg used his bike when working for the architectural firm Mike was employed at. Greg was already wanting a car, and due to his stopping for a magazine, lost the plans that needed blue printing. Eventually Greg would grow out of the habit of leaving stuff by the side of the road, and deliver meat for Sam, on his bike. Why? Because Greg wanted a surfboard.

The Surfboard was part of California culture, and every teen, like Greg wanted one. Greg would eventually ride in a surf contest in Hawaii, and get conked on the head. Due to the Tiki.

Eventually the car rolled over everything. Greg was the first to drive. Due to his making promises to Bobby, then Bobby and Peter, Greg ended up having two dates to a drive in movie theater spoiled, with the same girl. Bobby ruined the first one, and the car roof. Frogs ruined the next one.

Then Marcia got was ready to drive. Marcia always the competitor wanted to beat Greg’s driving test score. She failed the first time, but the second time, she was given advice. Picture the instructor in his underwear. That concept almost caused the Brady Bunch to face the wrath of the censors. My guess is many red blooded boys pictured Marcia in her underwear. It’s legal if you are the same age? Right? Marcia passed her test. But, the whole gender controversy was not settled. So Greg and Marcia had a skills test. Weave through cones, then come to a complete stop as close as you could to a cone topped by an egg. Greg lost due to distraction.

Eventually Greg did buy his first car. A beat up rusted out junker he managed to spend all his money on restoring to factory fresh condition with a bucket of paint, and some help from his siblings. If the Brady’s seemed to be handy, and could have opened up an auto body shop. Earned a ton of money. Except then the lawsuits caused by missing parts would kill the profits. Greg tried selling the car to a friend, but ended up feeling guilty. In the end, he sold the car to a junk yard, and receive half his money back.

The Brady Bunch was definitely a California based sitcom, with Cars, Surfboards, and Bikes.

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