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May 3rd, 2017 by

brady cake

A while back, I purchased the Shag Rug Complete Brady Bunch Series, because it was cheap, and I was feeling nostalgic for a childhood past, caused by the passing of Florence Henderson, whom I gave an homage to in this blog. Since there were four disks per season, containing about six or seven 22 minute episodes each, I figured if I watched one disk at my convenience, it would take up about two hours of time a night, and within a few months, I would have watched the entire show.

Watching an entire show tends to give a different perspective or perception of the nuances of character development and plot devices, even props that are used in a show. Mr. Brady drove at least three different cars in the shows history, but the station wagon remained the same. From the first appearance to the last appearance, the station wagon was the same.

brady wagon

From the start, cake seems to have been an important part of the series. Either as a plot device or comic prop, cake was used very often within the series. When Mike Brady saved the wedding cake in episode one, but he ended up falling and the cake smashed all over him, cake became part of the Brady Bunch show. It sort of became a running joke throughout the series. Birthdays, anniversaries, anything, Alice would bust out a cake or someone would buy a cake.

Peter gets a job, cake. Marsha, as always, wins an award, cake. Greg wins a football game, cake. Jan some how overcomes her neurosis, cake. Someone wins a contest, cake. Alice’s look alike cousin from the army who is subbing for her while she is away is leaving, cake. The cake was intended to welcome Alice back, but the Brady’s being so nice, once the cousin discovered the cake and thought it was a going away celebration, just went with the flow. Cake was there.

Alice had backup cakes to cakes. If Greg had lost his big football game between Westdale and Fairview, rather than a celebratory cake, a better luck next year cake was prepared. Yet, no one seemed to have a weight problem. Except Alice. There was one diet episode. No cake.

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