Thank You Mrs. Brady

November 27th, 2016 by


She was everyone’s mom. Kind, gentle, intelligent, and willing to impart wisdom to her children, biological or adoptive. Most of my memories of the Brady Bunch were due to syndication, the show has never been off the air in the nearly 50 years after it’s first episode aired. It is a testimony to the cord the show struck with most people, and in due to the woman who played Mrs. Brady.

Florence Henderson is what America is about, starting from humble beginnings and rising to great success based on talent, hard work, and love for what she did. If you read Florence’s autobiography, she only devotes on chapter to the show, because her career and life was so extensive, and the four years the show aired was just a part of it. But, Florence was always humble, and understood that the show about a blended family, made her recognized the world over, and she was grateful.

Though I am much older than when I first saw the Brady Bunch, if I am changing channels, and there is nothing to watch, and the show is on, I will watch it. Nostalgia is funny thing. You can view a cheesy, basic, but well done show that teaches basic morals with a good deal of joy. That is a testament to how well the show was done. Because I have watched other shows from my past, with nostalgic exuberance, and wondered why I liked it. In that case, I chalk it up to being a child. Yet, in it’s sincerity, the Brady Bunch is still wonderful to watch.

Thanks Florence Henderson.