Johnny Bravo

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First episode of season five of the Brady Bunch saw Greg’s longtime pursuit of a career in music possibly come to fruition. A gorgeous talent agent talks to Greg after he singing with his siblings to appear on television. The agent wants to talk, and everyone is excited. Except, all the talent agent wants is Greg. His siblings are crushed, but Greg has to make hard choices. College or a career in music? Family loyalty or pop star success? His parents council caution. Would Greg listen?

Greg has been a budding musician since the second season of the show. He had been asked to join a band with some guys at school, “The Banana Convention”. These guys offered him a cigarette, not wanting to appear uncool, Greg took a puff. Immediately hated it, and vowed never to smoke again. Marcia ratted on him, Greg confessed to his parents and promised he was never going to do it again.

Mrs. Brady decided to join an anti-smoking campaign. Even back then cigarettes could kill you, and the Bradys were ardent anti-smoking advocates. Eating too much cake could kill you, but that never bothered the Bradys. Greg being his normal sloppy self tossed his letterman’s jacket on the couch, Mrs. Brady chided him, he picked it up, but there was a pack of cigarettes in the inside pocket. This almost derailed Greg’s chances to play in a band. But, the Brady parents believed Greg, and it turned out his friend who offered him the cigarettes was at fault.

Throughout the entire run of the show, the Bradys, mainly Greg, flirted with music. Family acts were big back in the era of psychedelic Jimmy Hendricks style rock. Odd. No Jimmy Hendricks posters on Greg’s walls. Even when he temporarily took over his dad’s former den/office to have a room of his own. Back then the attic was only fit for little people, yet at some point, the Brady’s would go to war over a room in the attic. Yeah, there were some inconsistencies in the whole Brady show, but not Greg’s desire for a music career or cake.

From raising money to cover Jan’s math mistake when it came to a silver platter. To producing a record that would sell millions. Greg maintained his love for music, and wanted to become a success. As Greg grew toward manhood, he wanted the rock and roll lifestyle. Now as he was preparing to go to college, Greg had the offer of a lifetime. Johnny Bravo would be the next big thing, maybe get a cigarette endorsement deal or better a CAKE endorsement deal. A guy in a matador suit, playing guitar before millions of screaming fans. Greg fit the suit. It did not matter whether he had talent or could sing, he fit a suit and was just going to be a front man, as Johnny Bravo he could make millions. When Greg heard the heavily distorted recording of his music, and found out why he was hired, He Fit The Suit, Greg was shocked. Greg was not a sellout, he quit. All was good in the Brady world, Greg would go to college. Though he would wind up with hair that looked like clown hair rather than dress like one.

In later spinoff shows, it was revealed, Greg would graduate college, become a doctor, and get married. The dreams of playing guitar, singing and entertaining millions, gone. But, out there, somewhere, Johnny Bravo lives on, some other guy might have fit the suit.

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