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The Brady Bunch series had plenty of inconsistencies within the show, and the short lived spin-offs. Basic stuff like, why did Mr. Brady, an architect, design a three bedroom house for six kids, then stuff three kids in each room? Well, even back in the 70s Los Angeles, prices for land and housing was becoming outrageous. The original house used for the establishing shots of the Brady residence was sold for over a million, though it is quite nice. Also, when people are writing for a half hour comedy show that might not be picked up again for another season, consistency is not on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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In season two, Greg wanted to be a man, in his own room. He was now in high school after all, and a man has to have his own space. Mrs. Brady suggested remodel the attic, but Mr. Brady sarcastically remarked that it would be fine if Greg were four feet tall, which implied the attic was standard height for most houses. Greg asked about having the den. After some goading Mr. Brady caved in, and let Greg take over his den/office. In the end, Greg returned to his room with his two brothers.


Two seasons later, the Bradys were cleaning out the attic to get rid of stuff for charity, and suddenly the attic was the size of a nice spare bedroom. Naturally the conflict was established. Marcia mentioned to her mother how it would be awesome to have a room of her own, Greg mentioned to his dad the same thing. Mr. Brady promised the attic to Greg. Mrs. Brady promised the attic to Marcia. So the children begin moving stuff up to the attic, and a fight ensues. Protests and sit ins, then mom & dad settle it with the logic and coolness the Brady parents are known for.

Greg is the oldest, then he gets the room. When Greg leaves for college Marcia gets the room, when she goes away, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy, all can live in the attic room. But the two youngest do not really need to move into the attic. Once Peter moves to the attic, Bobby has his own room, and once Jan moves to the attic, Cindy has her own room, so Bobby and Cindy have no real need for the attic room. Unless Oliver ended up being a perpetual long term guest, then Bobby would want the room. Fortunately the series was cancelled, so the questions never had to be answered.

Greg caves into Marcia’s tears, and she has the room. Bobby and Peter begin to wage war against Marcia playing dirty tricks to point out how hard it is to live in the attic. Marcia accuses Greg of putting them up to the tricks, but Bobby and Peter confess. Marcia realizes how she was being selfish and when Greg goes to college the room is hers. Everyone moves and everyone is happy. The attic becomes Greg’s space throughout the rest of the show.


Once the show is cancelled, the attic room goes into oblivion.

The short lived spinoffs, Brady Brides, and Bradys never mention the attic room. In the movie “A Very Brady Christmas” the children, with their wives and children, and Alice return to the Brady house. Mike and Carol have to find room for everyone. The girls room will hold Marcia, her husband, and daughter. For some reason they need a cot. What happened to Cindy’s old bed? Jan and her husband would take the boy’s old room, which is now an office. Cindy & Peter’s finance sleep in the den, Peter and Bobby sleep in the living room, and Greg with his son, and Marcia’s son sleep in the family room/exercise room. What about the attic room? When Mike remodeled the house, did he remove the attic?

Due to the Brady Bunch, every boy who shared a room with a sibling wanted their own attic room.

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