Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor

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The only business that employed three Brady children. We cannot include music or talent shows, where the entire group performed, since you had to win to get the money. Sam’s Butcher Shop only employed Greg for an undetermined amount of time. We never did find out if Greg quit, was still working or was fired once he wanted too many fringe benefits after the episode in which Sam hired him as a delivery boy. It was mentioned Bobby worked for Sam in the Brady Christmas Movie.

Haskell’s became the Mecca of Brady employment after Marcia got her first job. The beautiful femme fatal was looking to be more than a pretty face, and possible trophy wife. Turns out she was a solid worker, even became the assistant manager. That was when she talked Mr. Haskell into hiring her brother Peter.

Peter was his typical boy wonder, enthusiastic self, until he was hired. Peter had a better gift for making ice cream cones and treats than working on bicycles, but bad customer service skills haunted him. Rather than being grateful to Marcia for getting him the job, Peter took full advantage, and began loafing off, and binge eating all the ice cream. Eventually Marcia fired him.

Secondary conflict arises. Peter was mad at his own sister firing him. Though she had good reason. Mike and Carol explain the situation, all is settled.

Then Marcia realizes that dedication to work cramps her love life. How else will good looking, rich boys be able to date her if she is working all the time. Bad move for the whole trophy wife career. So Marcia figures she could employ her younger sister, and have more time off for the important thing in life, boys. Let’s face it, Jan did not really have luck in the whole boyfriend department. Why? I do not know. If I was the same age as Jan, she would be the first choice as girlfriend. Of course, we all saw how Marcia had bad taste in men. Harvey Klinger? Who’s Harvey Klinger?

Jan turns out to be a good, hardworking, organized, intelligent, totally sexy in her ice cream uniform (just adding my opinion), and loyal to her sister. Except, Marcia thinks with her wrong head. The jilted boyfriend comes in with another hot blond, orders up a banana split, angered and jealous, Marcia fires cream all over them. Hoping some of the ice cream stuff was not clever euphemisms.

Nervously, Jan approaches Marcia, and Marcia, explains her actions, even bribes Jan with ice cream. Jan shows loyalty to her sister, and probably will not turn Marcia over to management. Seeking a hostile takeover opportunity, Marcia outlines her plans. Marcia would move up to partner eventually, and kick the old coot, Mr. Haskell, to the curb. Jan could be chief flunky.

Mr. Haskell shows up. Realizes partial retirement, and relaxation is not for him. Since Mr. Haskell was returning to the ice cream business full time, he only needed one worker. Jan being a good worker, with no desires to rise up against management or cease the business, was chosen. Take that Marcia!

The major issue is brought to Mr. and Mrs. Brady. Jan is so loyal she is willing to quit her job. Wow, Marcia must have really worked over her sisters? Talk about cult like loyalty. Jan did join a cult in Wonder Woman. Not really, but Eve Plumb played a college age daughter of a general who did join a cult.

Except, fortune smiles on Jan. Marcia is called by the boy she whip creamed on, and they both realize they were just trying to make each other mad or jealous. Marcia realizes trophy wife is a better career goal, and easier to achieve, so tells Jan she can take her job.

Later in life, Jan ends up graduating college with a degree in architecture, marries a professor she met at college, and runs the family architecture firm.

Marcia, maybe graduated college, had a crappy job, her competitive nature and poor choice in men takes over, and well, she becomes an alcoholic stay at home mom to a bum who cannot hold a job. Trophy wife to trailer park.

All of it started in a little ice cream parlor called Haskell’s.

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