Racer Bobby

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Bobby Brady, the youngest boy, competing with his brothers, yet seemingly the perpetual loser. He had the heart of gold, loving Tiger the most, and wanting his youngest sister, Cindy, to be her best, because he understood. An altruist of sorts, Bobby was always going to extremes to learn the lesson, and always giving the most to help others out.

His first crisis was small in comparison to the one he would suffer eventually, having watched a television version of Cinderella, Bobby got it into his head that Carol was mistreating him, and wanted to run away. With the gentleness of a great mother, Carol was going to help him, and showed that she really loved him.


Bobby was given the duty of hall monitor. He became a dictator, ever expanding his authority to the household, and eventually his parents had to council him. Bobby always a sucker for a pretty face, and lover of animals, with the kindest heart would ruin his good clothing helping a girl find her lost cat. In an attempt to hide his crimes, he flooded the service porch. Bobby learned his lesson.

At first the Brady Boys were united against their sisters. The common enemy invading their home. Then the dynamics would change. Bobby would eventually become close and united with Cindy in their quest to be more than just the two youngest kids.


Because he wanted to prove his worth to his brothers by winning a trophy and be acknowledged as an equal, Bobby always entered contests to lose. He lost an ice cream eating contest, a magazine selling contest, any contest he entered, ended in failure. Bobby dreamed of glory.

Bobby was not as athletic as Johnny Bravo (Greg) or as musically talented, so he always was living in Greg’s shadow, and only seemed to get under Greg’s skin. Bobby would be an endless pain to older brother Greg, interfering twice with dates with the same girl, Rachel. Once because Greg made a promise, and the second time because a promise Greg made would result in frogs raining down upon the couple at a drive in movie.

Bobby was always saving his brother Peter from doom. Pushing him out from under a falling ladder and becoming drenched in paint. Peter became a slave for life, which ended in the two dividing the room. Peter would free Bobby from a closet, and in his dramatic fashion, Bobby would settle the debt, and he became buddies with his brother.

Though Bobby admire success, and concocted a scheme with Cindy for him to meet Joe Namath, he sometimes admired the wrong people, Jessie James was one of them.

In the end, Bobby would receive a sidekick in cousin Oliver. Bobby would prove to be a superior billiards player, and hustle his brothers into doing chores for him, and hustle Mike’s co-workers for dimes, and Mike’s boss for gum. Bobby would turn Greg into a clown just before his graduation, because of hair tonic. Bobby’s final money making scheme would eventually result in a profit, after he bailed out Cindy from having bought two boy rabbits.

In the short lived sequels, it was revealed Bobby would get a job with Sam the Butcher, go to college, and graduate. His plans to go to graduate school were changed, when Bobby decided to become a race car driver. His dreams of glory taking hold. Then as always, Bobby would lose. This time, the lose of his legs to spinal damage. Bobby would not quit, and eventually would marry his college sweetheart. Would he walk again? The sequel did not go that far.

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