Tiger Fluffy Tiger

May 31st, 2017 by

Everyone has heard the rumors and the gossip, the dog that appeared in the first episode of the Brady Bunch was not the only dog to appear in the series. The first dog was run over by a truck. That would have been a hell of an episode. The second Tiger was a mutt rescued from the pound. Eventually, Tiger would just simply become a figment of everyone’s imagination. His dog house would remain in the backyard throughout the entire run of the show to remind us there once was a Brady pet, and for the kids to physically end up in, when they were in trouble, metaphorical symbolism.


At least Tiger, named for a cat, had a future on the show, unlike the actual cat, Fluffy, an orange tabby, sort of tiger like, whom was cut from the show after the pilot episode. Girls had cats, boys had dogs, it was cliche, and it was the chase between the dog and the cat that created hilarity in the first episode. The wedding cake fell, Mike saved the cake, then splat! It would not be the last we ever saw of cake in the Brady series. That was the last we ever saw of Fluffy. Honeymoon over.


According to Lloyd Schwartz, the plan was to move the Bradys into their house with the cat and the dog, but after discussion it was decided six kids, a dog and a cat would be too much to juggle. The cat got to live on with Carol’s parents, we wanted to believe, Tiger came to the Brady household, and in real life, got hit by a truck, then replaced. Fluffy was the lucky one, we hope. An episode situated around Tiger getting hit by a truck would have been an awesome episode. It would have been a great way to bring Fluffy back. Maybe it was Fluffy’s revenge?


Loved and maligned, Tiger was the center of several shows, a four footed plot device that was phased out, eventually a dog house left to remind us of his existence. Jan was allergic to the flea powder, but everyone thought she was allergic Tiger, the poor pooch was going to be sent to live with Carol’s parents. No mention of Fluffy. Though after the discovery of why Jan sneezed, Tiger got a reprieve, he could stay. No cake to celebrate for some reason, but the lucky dog got to sleep with Jan for the night.


Tiger was a thief, taking Bobby’s kazoo, so much for loyalty, and Cindy’s doll. Then hiding the stolen goods in his house out back. He would disappear, but the house would stay.

Tiger was afraid of mice. When Jan took Myron, the mouse, and hid him in a hamper, the mouse escaped, ended up in the dog house, which caused Tiger to howl. When the Brady kids tried haunting their own house, Tiger was blamed for some of the noises, but never seen. Maybe the house was really haunted by the memory of Tiger?

Tiger went on to run wild, and get another dog across town pregnant. Apparently smoking was bad, spaying and neutering was bad as well, but cake was good. Sticking some poor person on the other side of town with puppies is not really Brady like. At least Bobby took some responsibility and brought food over for the puppies. Oddly no cake to celebrate the puppies.

Tiger moved on. The Bradys moved on. The dog house remained in the backyard, like a Driscoll’s box remained in the garage. In the spinoff shows, no one ever seemed to recall having a dog or cat.

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