Driscoll’s Toy Shop

May 7th, 2017 by

More prop comedy and mysterious goings on at the Brady Residence. Stuff I just noticed while watching the Shag Rug Complete Collection of the Brady Bunch.

In episode 21 of the first season of the Brady Bunch, Peter is at Driscoll’s Toy Store, and saves a younger girl’s life when a shelf full of toys collapses. At the last second, Peter grabs the girl and pulls her away. Turns out the mother of the girl is a very wealthy and influential woman. She offers to buy Peter anything he wants. In typical Brady fashion, Peter is counseled by his parents to be humble, grateful, and modest. But the better nature is overcome as the woman offers Peter the world. Peter asks for almost everything from the toy store, and it is delivered in boxes with the store’s name on the side.


As the episode progresses, Peter’s ego is messaged to a point where he wants to spend a $50 award given to him by the local newspaper for the “Hero of the Month” award on a party. With Cake and everything. Yes Cake. Peter has become so annoying to his friends and family, that they all make excuses to not go to the party and no one shows up. Peter is humbled and apologetic. He returns all the toys but one. A party of just family and the girl he saved happens. Cake is eaten. End of show.

But, that is not the end of Driscoll’s Toy Shop. From that episode on, a box with the name of the toy store remains on a shelf in the Brady carport. Visible every time a shot of the carport is shown or used. Through out the entire five seasons, whenever the Brady family drives up to the carport or the kids are in the carport, when the camera sweeps over them or focuses on them, a Driscoll’s Toy Store Box can be seen.


This is why it is sometimes fun to watch an entire show from start to finish. Even if it is one you might seen a million times, because you start to look at things. Minor details and observations. Having read many of the books written by cast and the producers of the Brady Bunch, there are things I look for. Whether it is props or people.


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