Sam’s Butcher Shop

August 6th, 2017 by

If there was one location that was just as iconic as the Brady house, it would be the butcher shop owned by Sam Franklin. A man who knew how to deliver meat. I sometimes think the writers made Alice’s boy friend a butcher for all the subtle sexual frustration and even innuendo that could come across in metaphors.

Sam’s Butcher Shop would become the focus of employment, intrigue, and love for the Brady family. Alice would start dating the man who delivered meat. Eventually marry him, and find out he was a bit of a cad, and total cheat.

The shop itself was introduced at the same time as Sam himself. Up until the 9th episode, Sam had been mentioned, and Alice even mentioned possible romance. When Alice goes down to pick up meat from her man, Alice notices a pay phone, and realizes it might be a solution to the Brady phone problem.

From then on, Sam became not only a regular secondary character, due to his love interest in Alice, he became a friend to the Brady Bunch. The shop became a focus when Greg needed a job, Sam hired him as a delivery boy. Questionable move, since Greg had a bad habit of leaving things at the side of the road and forgetting them. Imagine Greg stopping to buy a car magazine or surf magazine, dropping the meat delivery and moving on. Though Greg kicked that habit and his smoking habit. One of the features used a few times in the butcher shop was the meat locker. Greg and Bobby were locked in, because Bobby over thought things, and was trying to be conscientious. Bobby with Oliver locked Sam and his Landlord in the meat locker when they thought both men were spies and going to kill Mr. Brady. Sam needed to improve the locker after the first time, but forgot to put a handle and safety lock on the inside. If the door shut by accident and lock engaged, just flip a switch, press on the handle, and you can exit. It was the 1970s, not the 1870s.

When Alice and Sam’s relationship headed south, leave it up to the Brady girls to play Sam at his shop. Jealously Sam took the bait, and ran down to demand Alice return to his meat.

Like any good butcher, Sam sold a variety of meat. Though I am sure Fluffy’s and eventually Tiger’s disappearance had nothing to do with Sam’s appearance, and questionable veal or pork cutlets. One thing for certain. Sam did not sell ice cream or cake. Maybe beefcake?

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