Cindy Kitty Cindy

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Too cute for words, with a little lisp and pig tails, Cindy Brady was the youngest child. At first a tattle tale and constant pain, you had to forgive her, she was just too cute. The focus of her character was wanting to be like her sisters, just because they were older. At first she went to war with Bobby, their tensions heightened by Tiger stealing her dumb old doll, Kitty Karry-All, probably brought at Driscoll’s Toy Store. Though Bobby and Cindy would settle things, and form an alliance against the older siblings. The hatchet would not remain buried for long.


Cindy for a while was a perpetual damsel in distress. Peter jumped to her defense when the bully, Buddy Hinton, picked on her for her lisp, and got a black eye. Though Peter would learn the art of violence to beat the kid to a pulp. Her desire for a boyfriend would cause Bobby to play secret admirer, and it played out to a point where he had to bribe a friend to go on a date.

Eventually the Bobby/Cindy rivalry would be reborn when Cindy, worked hard, to appear on a television quiz show, and became a little miss know it all. She locked up, and crashed and burned. Though she did save Mike’s job by playing Shirley Temple for a very difficult and demanding client, whom Cindy mistook for being a talent agent.


In the final season, the pigtails would come down, the lisp long discarded with the doll, and Cindy would compete with Bobby again. Oliver bounced between being a sidekick to either one. Her final act, buying two male rabbits, thanks to Bobby dying them orange with hair tonic, she got her money back and a profit.

In the sequels, Cindy went to college, and wanted to become her own woman. Yet, because she was the youngest, she was taken for granted, and things were expected of her or demanded of her rather than asked. Cindy would establish herself as a grown woman during the Christmas Movie Special. Eventually getting a job as a popular morning DJ, and dating her boss. In real life Susan Olsen is now a morning DJ.


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