Martinelli’s Bike Shop

August 16th, 2017 by

Though it was not the haven for Brady child labor that Sam’s Butcher Shop or Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor were, Martinelli’s did have a part in Brady Bunch history and employment of one Peter Brady.


Throughout the Brady Bunch series at one point or another, the four oldest children, Greg, Peter, Marcia, and Jan sought gainful employment. Though it was Peter whom gained the first job not acquired through connections or favoritism that seemed to be the M.O. of Greg. It was through sheer grit and determination that the hero of Driscoll’s Toy Shop managed to become employed at a bicycle shop as a repair man.

It was obvious to Mr. Martinelli, that Peter was a good guy, just not very skilled. Peter’s enthusiasm outweighed his competence. In Peter’s mind, he was the greatest bicycle repair man on the planet, though he was the worst. Though it did not stop Bobby and Cindy from trying to capitalize on Peter’s prestige, and attempting to set up a side bicycle repair business. Lucky for them Peter was insulted, rather than flattered, and loyal to his employer.


Peter like any new worker excited about being employed thought further into the future. Peter wanted to be a salesman, and thus began pushing his parents into possibly buying new bicycles. Unfortunately Mr. Martinelli fired Peter. Rather than confess the truth to Carol and Mike, Peter sort of distorted the truth. Peter told his parents he was promoted, and not fired. To celebrate Peter’s promotion the family had a cookout complete with cake.

In an attempt to cover for his lie, Peter returned to Mr. Martinelli in an attempt to at least regain his old job. Except, his parents decided to show up and purchase new bicycles. Peter bolted, and rather than lie to cover for Peter, Mr. Martinelli told the truth. Peter was forgiven, and the Brady family rode off into the sunset on bicycles.


Though the experience of Martinelli’s Bike Shop would have ramifications on Peter’s work ethic in the future. Great to be enthusiastic, but only due the minimum necessary to stay employed, and take advantage of all the benefits you can.

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