Island Brady King

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Season 5, Episode 11, “The Cincinnati Kids” has the Brady Bunch go to Kings Island, an amusement park in Ohio, near Cincinnati. Mike’s boss, Mr. Phillips, who was probably acting on behalf of Mr. Matthews, wants Mike to deliver the architectural firm’s designs for a new part of the park, and meet with the executives from a company in New York who own the park. Like Hawaii, Mike could bring the family along for a sort of working vacation. Mike has risen high in the confidence of the bosses of the architectural firm. The first year he was a goof, losing a major client like Beebe Gallini, but over the years, as an architect, he had made many clients happy.

The children are split into groups of two so they can have fun in the park without being in each other’s way. Greg and Peter, Marsha and Jan, while Bobby and Cindy make up the last group. Mike, Carol and Alice hang out together until Mike has to go to the meeting. Thankfully no Cousin Oliver yet. The episode follows the adventures of each group, spliting between sight gags and quips as they navigate through various rides, and adventures. The major goal, set things up so Mike does not deliver the plans, but like all things Brady, things work out in the end.

Bobby and Cindy are warned about over eating, most of the gags ran along those lines. Usually the two were eating something and remarking about how they should be careful. Greg and Peter were out chick shopping. Greg eventually becomes attracted to a park employee takes his aggressive, but awkward flirting in stride, even giving back as good as she gets. Marsha and Jan get to show off their gorgeousness, and ride on the rides. Jan stops in a gift shop to pick up a poster for a child she is babysitting. So it is hinted that the two oldest girls maybe have a career in babysitting before Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor, though Marsha was probably gunning for trophy wife. Since Jan was babysitting a little girl, it was obviously not any of the Kelly Family.


In the meantime, Mike and Carol go on rides with Alice. Ann B. Davis does the whole motion sickness and balking at going on anything more aggressive than a park bench. The family meets for lunch and the culmination of events that will be hilariously embarrassing for Mike happen. Bobby and Cindy are a bit sick due to eating too much. Alice is a bit queasy from the rides. Greg cannot stop talking about the chick he met. Jan is worried about the poster she purchased being damaged, so Mike consents to doubling up the designs from his firm into one tube, so Jan can put the poster into the other.

Mike leaves for his meeting, naturally with the wrong tube. The rest of the family goes on their merry ways. Greg goes to hunt down the girl whom he is smitten with, paying another park employee to borrow his costume. He then comes onto his family, and trade quips, then continues on to search for the girl. While the rest of the family joke around and enjoy the park, at the meeting, Mike pulls out the plans and realizes he has the wrong tube, apologizing, revealing his mistake, but vows to make it right.

Marsha and Jan have been on dozens of rides, and Jan realizes she has forgotten the poster on one of the rides. No big deal, she can by another. At this point anyone with logic would think, why did Jan not wait until the end of the day to purchase a poster?


Mike gathers the Bunch and informs them of the events. Jan feels sick about the situation, but the bunch breaks up for an extensive search of the amusement park. Marsha and Jan retrace their steps from lunch time to the start of the search, while Bobby & Cindy search in all the food places. Greg and Peter search other areas, and Alice searches rides. Mike and Carol go to all the lost and found stands. As the deadline to get the sketches to the managers office looms, Mike faces the inevitable. Mike goes off to explain the situation, while Carol continues to look.

Marsha and Jan find the sketches in a canoe ride, and rush across the park. They pass the sketches to Alice who darts across the park to bring them to the managers office. Alice exhausted, passes them to Bobby & Cindy who continue the relay. The two youngest pass the sketch to Peter and Greg, who manage to get the sketches to Carol who runs to meet Mike at the managers office. All is good. Mike did not lose another major client, and have to face the wrath of his boss. It was probably the sale of the designs to the owners of King’s Island that set the stage for the pool table being delivered, and Bobby wanting to quit school to be a pool playing champion.

The show closer has Mike and Carol reflecting on the events. Enter what is assumed to be Greg in the animal costume Greg had worn to find his girl, but it is revealed to be Peter. Greg did get the girl, and was going on a date with her, but she needed someone to fill in for her. Peter volunteered, because not only did he get to walk around in a funny animal costume, the park was paying him. Peter is happy to be working, since he hasn’t had a job after being fired from Martinelli’s Bike Shop. Later he would be fired by Marsha from Haskell’s. Seems Peter cannot hold a job for longer than a few days, either he loses interest or just focuses on one aspect of the job to extensively. This is the kid who ends up in the military, then becomes a stock trader.

Like all shows in the Brady Bunch, everything ends happily.

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