Hustler Dreamer Brady

January 17th, 2018 by

Bobby Brady was always the youngest, and in perpetual competition with his two older brothers. Greg was the gifted athlete and singer, Peter to some extent had acting skills, played peewee football, and even sang in the glee club. Bobby, well, he was a good kid.

One day, a delivery arrived at the Brady House. Several massive crates were delivered in Mr. Brady’s name. Once the crates were cracked open by Mike, they were revealed to contain a pool table. There was debate about putting it in the living room or the family room, along with a Driscoll’s Toy Box, the table ended up in the garage. Except there was a mystery for Mike to solve. There was no note indicating who the pool table was from.

Then it turned out Bobby had a skill that he could beat his brother’s with. With Cousin Oliver as his constant companion, Bobby began winning every game. His brothers took his bragging to task, and ended up having to shine Bobby’s shoes. Then Bobby became consumed with success, and dreamed of being a pool champion.

While Bobby continued his reign as Brady Pool Champion, Mike went to work. There he found out who had sent the pool. The president of the architectural firm sent it as a thank you gift for a job well done. Probably for the King’s Island Job. Mike being the man who wanted to remain in the good graces of his boss, invited him to a dinner and an evening of billiards. The man accepted.

Mike went home and informed Carol that he had solved the pool mystery, and informed Carol that it was the company president who sent it. Carol rightfully guessed that Mike had invited the company president to dinner. Carol also informed Mike, Bobby was neglecting his homework. Bobby had dreams of being a national billiards champion. Mike and Carol wanted him to do his school work.

Then a snag happened with the dinner plans, the company president had to reschedule, it turned out he had plans with another couple. Mike being good natured, and not being the one who had to cook, invited the other couple with. Carol was not happy, but she and Alice reworked the entire meal plan.

Another couple ended up being invited as well, Carol and Alice went back to redoing the meal plan again. Eventually things fell into place. The dinner guests arrived, as the women folk chattered, the men went to play pool.

None of the men wanted to beat their boss, for fear of losing their job. It was implied that the president of the company was a sore loser, and maybe even a bit dangerous. Then Bobby shows up to say good night to his father. The president of the company, invites Bobby to play a game of pool. Since Bobby finished his homework, it was fine. Then things went bad for Mike.

Bobby, unfamiliar with etiquette began beating the company president. Mike was given the advice that he might want to break Bobby’s arm. Soon the president owed Bobby a thousand packs of gum, and was humiliated in front of his wife. The man wanted to give away his pool table, except Mike offered up his table instead.

This is where conspiracy abounds. Mike did not return to the Brady House. The last episode of the series had Mike on a business trip. The ultimate family man was going to miss his oldest son’s high school graduation. The president of the company, upset about being humiliated, had Mike eliminated. Though it was all due to the actor who played Mike Brady’s (Robert Reed) dispute with the producers.

Bobby would have some form of solace in knowing he had beaten his brothers at something, and he was not as noisy playing pool, compared to playing drums.

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