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In the Brady Bunch, as the children grew older, both the boys and girls decided to test the market for work to earn more money for various reasons. Greg being the oldest, started the trend. His first paying job was playing in a friend’s band, The Banana Convention. Typical Greg fashion, somehow, he managed to jeopardize that by smoking. One puff, and that was all it took, thankfully, his parents believed him when the pack of cigarettes turned out to not be his as was the coat they were in.

Mike got Greg a job in the architecture firm as an office boy. Greg was saving for a car. Greg also screwed that up because he stopped to by a magazine, and the drawings he was in charge of delivering to the printer fell out of the tubes and disappeared. That bit was used once again years later, under different circumstances.

Alice then got Greg a job with Sam as a delivery boy, because Greg wanted a surfboard. Greg did not screw that job up by leaving a pile of meat by the side of the road, but Bobby almost got them killed by locking them in the meat locker. Bobby managed to escape and call his parents to free Greg. Prompting Sam to make improvements to his shop and replace the meat locker door.

Peter was next into the working world. Wanting money to by a radio or something, he began working for Martinelli’s Bike Shop. Unfortunately Peter had ambition, no skills. Peter was fired, and lied to his parents, claiming he was promoted. The family celebrated with cake. Then the truth came out, and Peter learned a valuable lesson.

Though it would be some time before another job opportunity, it did not slow the Brady Bunch in attempts to make money. The kids turned to one career that might be lucrative, singing. Greg as a leader wrote songs, and played guitar. Peter’s voice changed, and could jeopardize that, but Greg made the best of it. The Brady’s would sing and dance on various television talent shows to win money or not. Then Greg’s dreams of being a rockstar almost came to fruition, Johnny Bravo. He fit the suit, but Greg had integrity. So that was that.

Eventually jobs became important in the Brady story line, Peter needed money to by a stereo, he rode all over town trying to find a job, but no luck. I guess Driscoll’s Toy Store was either out of business due to poor construction or did not employ heroes who reminded them of their poor construction. Peter could at least save little girls from being crushed by shelves improperly secured to walls. That would make a wonderful episode, lawsuits and osha reports. Peter Brady, Osha investigator.

Then Marcia found a job slinging ice cream at Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor. Taking pity on her younger brother, Marcia got Peter a job. Peter lost ambition, and decided to eat his weight in ice cream. Marcia fired him. Then came Jan. Hardworking, and capable. She got revenge on her sister, and became the assistant manager after Mr. Haskel decided relaxing was not for him. Marcia was upset at first, but realized it was better to not work and let boys pay for everything. Why none of the Brady’s ever got a job at a cake shop was puzzling. Cake seemed to be part of the Brady lifestyle. Maybe Haskell’s sold ice cream cakes?

The final bout of Brady Money earning happened when Bobby decided to sell hair tonic. Cousin Oliver was going to help, and take a cut. What percentage of nothing is the best? Bobby eventually whined Greg into buying a bottle. Turned Johnny Bravo into Bozo the Clown. In the meantime, Cindy decided to breed rabbits. Buying two boy rabbits by mistake, well, the effort might count. It was not until Bobby dumped his hair tonic onto the rabbits that both younger Brady’s got their money back.

Seven years later, a sequel movie was going to be produced, The Brady Bride’s turned into a short lived television sequel. Jan had graduated college, was an architect in Boston, and marrying a college professor. Marcia was doing something, but did not want to be outdone by her sister, so she married a sales man she barely knew. Marcia did not meet too many rich men, trophy wife would be a better career move. By then, Bobby and Cindy were still in college, Peter was in the Air Force, and Greg was a doctor. The show was cancelled.

Seven years after the cancelled sequel, the Brady Christmas movie reignited a possible new sequel. In the movie, Marcia was a stay at home mom with two children. Jan was working on getting pregnant. Greg had a child. Peter was out of the Air Force and working at a stock firm or something, and his girlfriend was his boss. Bobby had dropped out of grad school to race cars, and Cindy had graduated college. The math on Cindy did not really add up well. She was twelve when the Brady Bunch was cancelled. Nineteen when the Brady Brides was cancelled. Now she would be twenty six and finally graduating college. You can fudge a little in television.

Then the sequel, the Bradys came out of the movie. Bobby was prepared to be the best race car driver ever. Then an accident left him paralyzed. Jan, still an architect, and still working on getting pregnant, eventually adopting. Marcia, her dead beat husband, and children moved into the Brady house with Mike and Carol. Marcia never did seem to get a job, just before the sequel was cancelled, she did try to start a business. Mike moved from being architect to being in charge of the firm, and then giving it over to Jan to run. Mike became a city councilman, advocate for the handicapped, and in the movie parodies, president. Cindy was a budding morning DJ dating her older boss. Peter dumped his girlfriend boss, catted about, then became involved with Mike’s political opponent’s daughter. Peter just sold bonds or something. Carol was now selling Real Estate.

What about Alice? She worked so many years as a house keeper. Then once all the children left, she had married Sam the Butcher. Turns out Sam was a two timing cad, but Alice took him back. Apparently she got used to not working.

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