Den Of Justice

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If there was one room in the Brady household where important matters were settled, and Mike meted out his wise discipline and justice, it was the den. The den was more than just a place were Mike worked on his drafts at home, it was a place where Carol would go for her quite time, and the children sometimes went to get away. Most of the time the children violated the rules.

Throughout the seasons of the Brady Bunch, the den figured into many events. In the episode “Father of the Year” the Brady family was just growing together, the girls were getting used to Mike as a father, but Marcia already recognized that they had a good man. Marcia decided to nominate Mike for a father of the year award. She violated bedtime, because the entry date was close, caught by Jan and Cindy, the girly fight ensued, and Mike’s plans were ruined. Mike met with Marcia and gave her a suspended sentence.

The boys, broke a lamp in the den while playing ball in the house, and Alice ended up having to tell Mrs. Brady, when she discovered the bad repair job, which almost caused Alice to leave the family. She took a job as a waitress, but was coerced back.

Greg wanted to be a man in the second season, have a place of his own, and Mike, relented to letting Greg covert the den from Danish Modern to American Disaster. Except for the battle over the attic, this was the only time Greg wanted a place of his own.


Eventually the den would play second fiddle to the family room, as it seemed like the family would begin getting advice from Mike and Carol while they lounged, drinking coffee, and reading the paper. Even the kitchen began getting more use, since you could hold baking contests or do cooking comedy.

Dancing rehearsals and major get together were held in the living room. Cake and parties in the dining area of the living room, brought the family together. This left the humble den in the dust.


Even though the den became a place where Mike and Carol could discuss family business, and sometimes meet with the children one on one, the den eventually lost it’s place as Mike’s personal courtroom. It would begin to play the role of his personal workspace more, in the final season Mike would meet with Sam to redesign his butcher shop, and launch a great spy caper for Bobby, and Cousin Oliver.

In the spin off movies and television shows, the den made very rare appearances, becoming a secondary bedroom for guests most of the time, as well as the easiest place for someone to break into the Brady house. Marcia and her husband sent one of their children through the window of the den to let them in. He was apprehended by Alice, whom was back to living with the Brady’s because Sam cheated on her. But, in true Brady comedy fashion, it ended up being overplayed, and Alice was reunited with Marcia, and her family.

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