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Season 3, Episode 23: “The Fender Benders” began with Carol returning from the grocery store with Marcia, Bobby, and Cindy. Probably buying Safe Laundry Detergent and ingredients for cake. The family station wagon had obviously been in an accident. Marcia asked when Carol was intending to tell Mike. She seemed unworried about Mike being upset about a dented fender. While preparing dinner, Alice wondered how she could help. Carol then acted like it was no big deal, then worried immediately when Mike came home from work. Mike asked a minor question, and Carol began circling around the question, Mike became suspicious. Before Carol could tell Mike she damaged the car, Greg came into the living room and wondered who smashed the car.

Mike went out to inspect the damage, and it turned out to be minor damage, he asks Carol what she did. Carol explains since the damage done was the same to both cars, and it was only a minor incident, they decided not to report the event to the police, traded information, and would have their own cars fixed. Mike was not too happy with the decision, but was willing to live with it. Carol’s optimism that things would work out fine, was for shadowing the obvious, it was not going to work out fine. Jan and Peter rode up on bicycles, saw the damage, and immediately thought Greg did the damage. After dinner, Greg was trying to get a ride from a friend, when Marcia intended to call about something, and overheard Greg’s friend say women were terrible drivers. Marcia began arguing with the boy, then got upset, hung up the phone. Marcia then marched into the family room where Greg was still talking to his friend and stated it was the other guy’s fault. Greg’s friend asked which sister was so upset, Greg explains it was the sister his buddy had wanted to ask out, prompting his friend to hang up.

As Mike & Carol were leaving for an event, Mr. Duggan showed up with a list of damages to his car. An obviously inflated bill, he demanded payment, then threatened law suit. Mike threatened to toss Mr. Duggan out if he did not leave with his obvious attempt at extortion. Bobby and Cindy overheard the event, and became worried about having to go to court, since they did not see their mom look back. After discussion, even Carol began to doubt herself.

Then Mike and Carol debate about whether it is better putting the children through court or pay the money. Mike and Carol decide to cave into extortion. While the children fight over the bathroom, Marcia & Jan find out about the suit, and Marcia marches down to her parents room. Marcia states she saw Carol look back. The show is building tension, and mystery.

The next morning, Mike decides to re-enact the accident. Greg now already having a divers license, will be Mr. Duggan. Turns out Bobby and Cindy did not see their mother look back because they were arguing over ice cream, possibly from Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor. Mike had ordered Greg to begin backing up for some reason, and then almost ended up having both cars damaged. Considering he built a house with one bathroom for six kids and no toilet, he sometimes does really stupid things.

A short time passes, Mike and Carol are in court with Bobby, Cindy, and Marcia. The judge calls up the family. Mr. Duggan is not there, and so is given two minutes grace. Mr. Duggan shows up as Carol is joining Mike. He is wearing a neck brace. The case begins, and Mr. Duggan begins making his statements. He presents an itemized list to the judge, as well as emphasizes he cannot turn his head.

Carol and Mr. Duggan argue, and the children are brought in as witnesses. Marcia states she saw her mother look back. Bobby and Cindy stated they did not see their mother look back, because Cindy accused Bobby of spilling ice cream on her dress. The two bicker, and the judge wearily shakes his head. Mike decides to pick up his brief case and toss it onto the ground creating a sharp noise, Mr. Duggan reacts by turning his head. Bobby points this out, and the judge notices. The judge renders the verdict in favor of the Brady Bunch.

The show ends with Bobby and Cindy quipping about maybe seeing if the judge could figure out who spilt ice cream on Cindy’s dress. Maybe the judge could assist in finding Tiger as well. Bobby seems to be well over the missing pooch and former best friend.

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