Not Desperate Housewife

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Carol Brady was a lovely lady with three girls, and living at home with her parents. It was assumed she was widowed, just like Mike, what was never mentioned was her employment history. Carol met Mike, married him, and decided to be a stay at home mom to her now six children. She had help, from Alice, whom was Mike’s housekeeper before he married Carol.

Though she chose to stay at home, Carol was not just a house mom. She was active in the community, whether it was promoting the schools her children went to or fighting for a political cause, Carol was not the typical house mother.

When the Brady Bunch formed, Carol took a very active roll in her step son’s lives. It was not easy at first, the boys were very reliant on Alice. Mike finally had a heart to heart with Greg, Peter, and Bobby, the boys got the hint, and soon began running to Carol for everything. A skinned knee, an award, anything the boys rushed to Alice for, they ran to Carol. This caused some animosity.


This caused some friction among the girls, whom had felt Carol was spending too much time with the boys. Carol in her wisdom explained, if it seemed like she was favoring the boys, it was because it had been a while since the boys had a mother. Alice began to worry she was not needed any more, which seemed to be her Schtick for a while. In true Brady fashion, everything wrapped up nicely.

As the series went on, Carol became the mom. The girls became sisters. The family blended to a point where it seemed like Carol had given birth to six children and not three. As the children grew more independent, Carol began channeling her interests into various things. Sculpting, painting, charity work, she had free time, and decided to enrich herself.


One thing Carol could do well, is cook, though most of the time Alice handled the chore. At times Carol competed against Alice, which lead to several episodes involving cooking competitions. Eventually Carol would work with Alice in the kitchen. Though it seems that Alice was the one who specialized in baked goods, like cake.

Carol had a huge motherly instinct, and was willing to take in her brother’s son, Oliver, for a year or so, which explains why he did not appear in The Brady Girls Get Married spin off, except, Oliver was their cousin. For some reason Carol did not invite her brother and his family to any of the weddings. Her parents were probably lucky they were invited to her first wedding. Though Fluffy was never seen or heard from again. The only person who attended a Brady wedding, not including the actual Brady Bunch, from the pilot episode was the priest who married Mike and Carol.

When the nest emptied, and Cindy went off to college, Carol took up real estate work. Becoming a realtor and even working with Mike’s architectural firm to find property for clients. The Brady nepotism strikes again. It was a dispute over certain problems at a property Carol sold to one of Mike’s clients that lead to Mike almost dying in A Very Brady Christmas.

In the end, Carol was an independent woman, whom was in love with her husband, and loved her family. This is why she was never a desperate housewife, and the mom we all thought would be perfect.

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