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The Brady children span a large age range, from the oldest, Greg, to the youngest, Cindy, the Brady children started out in Junior High and Grade School in season one. Though only mentioned, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy went to Clinton Elementary School, while Greg and Marcia went to Fillmore Junior High. Buy season 2, Greg was a man, because he was going to Westdale High School. Because Greg was becoming a man he had managed to beg his dad into letting him turn the Den into a bedroom for one humorous episode. Then the big fight over the Attic when it was discovered that it actually was high enough for normal people, and not midgets to occupy.

Schooling was important to the Brady children, and participating in extracurricular activities was very important. There would be magic performances for a talent show, play performances, a carnival, and a variety of other events associated with school. The Brady House was always a buzz with something related to school.

It was not until High School where rivalries were explored. The big rival was Fairview High School. The Fairview Finks as Greg referred to them. The rivalry was heated. Marcia dated a quarter back, though he was using her to get a playbook, and this rankled Greg. Ultimately a plan to pass along a phony playbook ended with a morality. Mike explained to Greg that he was no better than the rival who stole the playbook. Knowing that the rival was going to steel the playbook, Greg had intentionally planted a fake one, when Fairview would try and use the information, they would loose. Rather than winning honestly, Greg was winning dishonestly, just like his rival. Though Greg tried to make amends and explain the playbook was fake, ultimately, the opposing team was so bad, it did not matter. In the same episode, Carol was excited to meet her old high school sweetheart, Tank Gates, who was in town for the big game. She would become disenchanted when she found out Tank had bet against his alma mater.

There was another rival to Westdale, that caused Greg to become part of a plot to abduct the Coolidge High mascot, a goat, named Raquel. Season 5, Episode 6, “Getting Greg’s Goat” was the episode. Greg was living in the attic, and he had the perfect place to hide the creature. Stealing the mascot was in retaliation because Coolidge stole Wesdale’s mascot, a bear cub.

Raquel ends up eating Greg’s American History report, and other things. Greg finds out his father did the same thing, but was suspended from school for a week. Bobby goes to get a towel, and overhears Greg talking to someone. Bobby informs Peter that he is hearing someone in Greg’s room, they think it is a girl. Then Jan and Cindy burst in on the two of them listening. Peter manages to scare the girls with a false story about his escaped science project.

Then Marcia interrupts Greg to get stuff from Greg for the cleaners, instead of lying to her, Greg shows confidence in her, and reveals Raquel to Marcia. Alice plans on going up to Greg’s room, but Marcia stops her by saying Greg has a problem. Because of the closet, Mike finds out that Greg has someone in the attic with him. Mike summons Greg down to the den, and discuss Raquel with Greg, assuming she is a girl. Greg explains Raquel is a goat, which makes Mike happy, but then he finds out it is Coolidge’s mascot. Mike at first is happy, but realizes Greg could be in serious trouble.

Carol enters the den to go to an emergency PTA meeting to deal with the mascot stealing business. Mike finds out that there will be serious consequences, and goes up to help Greg arrange for a mascot exchange. Peter and Bobby decide to spy on Greg some more, and think Greg has two girls in his room, but soon realize that there isn’t a girl in Greg’s room. The two decide to investigate and find the goat, who escapes. The other five children chase her down through the yard while the PTA shows up to have a meeting in Carol’s house due to a mistake. Greg and Mike arrive hoping to get the exchange going, and are stunned when they see the women. Carol hopes to give the women a tour, and Greg is stunned, but asks for them to not to show his room. Then Mr. Binkley arrives, and startles Greg. He takes the vice principle into the den with the women, and Raquel manages to get back into the house. Greg chases after her.

Carol wants to show the upstairs rooms to her friends, and Mike leads the way. Greg manages to hide Raquel in the linen closet, but Carol opens it up. She manages to shut it fast enough, and suggest showing everyone the master bedroom. As Greg tries to sneak Raquel downstairs, he bumps into Alice, and the goat enters the master bedroom in front of everyone. After some hilarity, Greg locks Raquel with Mrs. Gould. Mrs. Gould is let out, and using a house plant, Mike lures Raquel out of the closet.

The ruse is up, and everyone leaves the house. Mr. Binkley demands a 5000 word essay from Greg on the evils of mascot stealing. Then Carol reminds Greg that the vice principle is being more than fair. It is soon realized, Raquel is still in the house. Greg rushes in to find her, while Mike elaborates that times have change. Mike had done the same thing and was suspended for a week. Mr. Binkley retorts that he was suspended for a month. Everyone laughs and the scene closes.

As is with all Brady episodes, this one ends with a somewhat happy ending. Lessons are learned.

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