Guest Stars

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The Brady Bunch was loaded with guest stars of various sorts. The ones who played themselves were usually sports figures for the boys, and crushes for Marcia. Marcia Marcia Marcia was the only girl to have young men whom she had a crush on, appear as guests stars. Jan and Cindy were relegated to the back of the station wagon. For Greg, it was baseball. For Peter and Bobby, football.

One of the first guest stars to appear on the show was due to Greg having a crush. Except it was not on the guest star, it was the guest star’s fiancé, who happened to be Greg’s math teacher. Greg, like any teenage boy will look at a female and begin to have certain thoughts, which become distracting. Instead of paying attention to math figures, Greg paid attention to his teacher’s figure. Once Mike figured out what was happening, he came up with an idea of how to solve Greg’s problem. Appeal to Greg’s athletic nature, and ran to get the teacher’s fiancé, Wes Parker, a baseball star at the time. Wes promised Greg tickets to the season opener if he got better grades at math. Greg instantly agreed, and problem solved.


The following season Greg almost gave up his education due to baseball. Don Drysdale came to Mike’s den to go over plans for his house Mike was working on, then gave Greg some pointers. Greg naturally got a swelled head, and failed miserably. Back to school and math.

Peter had his run in with Deacon Jones, during his attempts to play football and sing in the glee club. Considering Peter was the most tone deaf of the entire Brady clan, his sudden fitting into a glee club was odd. Peter almost quit glee club because the guys on the football team called him a Canary. Deacon stepped in and explained that you should not take the guy across the line from you for granted. Then lectured the boys about how the guys on his team had a singing group. Deacon Jones also did macrame.

Bobby had his own run in with sports greatness in the form of Joe Namath. Like most boys his age Bobby over exaggerated an embellished knowing someone famous, because it seemed like all of his friends knew someone famous. So, Bobby claimed Joe Namath was a good friend. Unfortunately Joe Namath would be in town playing a scrimmage game against the Rams. Now Bobby, plotting with Cindy concocted a way Joe would come over. Cindy wrote a letter about how sick Bobby was, Joe came over, and all was good.


As stated, Marcia was the only girl whom seemed to warrant guest stars. Desi Arnaz Junior showed up to console Marcia over her lost diary, where she had dreamed of being Desi’s wife. Cindy gave it away by accident, and the Brady family went across all of Los Angeles to every used bookstore to find it. Cindy and Carol found the diary. Marcia got a kiss from Desi, and all was good.

Then Marcia, like Peter stretched the truth about being able to get a certain famous person to do something. Instead of an athlete, it was singer, Davy Jones. The whole family was recruited in attempting to get Davy to play at Marcia’s school dance. Eventually Davy was hunted down, and decided to play for the dance. Instead of getting a kiss on the cheek, Marcia gave Davy a kiss on both cheeks.


Jan and Cindy never seemed to be in on any reason for guest stars, though they did end up helping their siblings when it came to getting the guest stars to appear. The only time Cindy was sort of part of a guest star appearance was when she was with Bobby in Hawaii. The youngest Brady siblings ran into Don Ho.

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