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Having done three posts about movies you should watch, Here, Here, Here. I decided to focus on the comedies in my collection, from the oldest to the most current. Looking at the number of comedies I had listed, I almost broke it into two posts, but decided not to. It will just be a very long post. I have in a sense found some sadness in the genre of comedy.

Political correctness has killed the fun. A society who cannot laugh at itself has lost it’s way, and is dead. Some of these comedies would offend today’s politically sensitive audience. If you enjoy great comedy, and can suspend or ignore the PC brainwash, these comedies are AWESOME! Though I have a number in front of them, I made the list in alphabetical order. Many can be found on streaming services or you can pick up a DVD or Blu-Ray copy for cheap or at a second hand media store.


1. Any Which Way You Can – A comedy staring Clint Eastwood. This one is the sequel to Every Which Way But Loose. The comedy along with it’s predecessor does not deal with the glamor of Los Angeles, but the day to day workers. There are some great moments that make you want to smile.

2. Back To School – Thorton Melon, played by Rodney Dangerfield, goes to visit his son at college. Finding out his son lied to him, and is thinking about quitting, Thorton decides to join his son in higher education. The only way he can get into college, because he does not even have a high school diploma, is donate a building. Turns out, Thorton loves college life more than his son. It is a hilarious fish out of water story.

3. Blazing SaddlesMel Brooks shows his genius in this comedy. Cleavon Little plays a black law man who comes to a small western town to protect it’s citizens. Gene Wilder plays a drunken ex-gunslinger who becomes the deputy. Racial jokes and humor abound with plenty of slap stick. This comedy was made before political correctness took over, and as a nation we could laugh at ourselves. Many people from the era this comedy was shown in bemoan how it can never be reproduced. Not just because there is no other genius like Mel Brooks, but because too many people would be offended. Offend yourself and laugh.

4. Blues Brothers – A spin off of a popular Saturday Night Live skit created by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Two musicians on a mission from God to save an orphanage. It is filled with wry humor, and some incredible music. When the police chase the brothers to Chicago the scene alone is filled with a lot of car wrecks. Great movie to watch, watch the original theater version. The extended version with cut scenes makes you understand why the scenes were cut.

5. Born In East LA – This movie was made in 1987, thirty years ago, and Cheech Marin pokes fun at immigration. Depending on your politics it is sad that it is still apropos to today or hilarious that we still have done nothing to solve a problem.


6. Brewster’s Millions – The late great Richard Pryor plays Montgomery Brewster, great nephew and sole heir to a very wealthy man. Brewster must spend $30 Million, and receive nothing of value for his money, if he does so, he inherits $300 Million. The catch is he cannot tell people what he is doing. John Candy plays his well meaning sidekick, who does not understand why his friend is acting so crazy.

7. Caddyshack – A young caddy seeks to win a scholarship for college. The movie is loaded with comedy greats. Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, and Bill Murray play the gag men, while Ted Knight plays the straight man. The verbal banter is hilarious, and some of the sight gags side splitting.

8. Cannonball RunBurt Reynolds leads the cast of big name stars who wish to win a cross-country road race. There is plenty of low down dirty tricks, and lots of slap stick humor.

9. Christmas Vacation – The fourth of the Vacation films starring Chevy Chase and the gorgeous Beverly D’Angelo. Clark Griswold wants the perfect Christmas for his family. Then things go bad. Hilarious, and a movie you should make part of your Christmas season watchlist.

10. Coming To AmericaEddie Murphy was at the top of his game with Arsenio Hall as his erstwhile companion. Prince Akeem wants to come to America to find the love of his life to marry her, instead of the arranged marriage to a woman he does not know. Both men arrive and the Prince takes a vow of poverty, and seeks to live poorly, because he does not want his wealth to pollute the potential mate. Both Eddie and Arsenio play a variety of exaggerated characters in the movie.


11. Every Which Way But Loose – The prequel to the first movie on the list. Both movies can stand alone, but it is always best to watch the first. Clint Eastwood does a great job of remaining the tough guy, while delivering dead pan quips. Sondra Locke sings very well, and the music is country gold. Beverly D’Angelo makes an appearance and provides some very serious, and even comedic moments.

12. Fanboys – A wonderful fictional romp involving friends who want to go to Skywalker Ranch, and steal a copy of the first episode of Star Wars so a sick friend can see it before he dies of cancer. Carrie Fisher and William Shatner make guest appearances.

13. Ferris Bueller’s Day OffMatthew Broderick stars as Ferris Bueller, a boy who wants to have one last day off before he graduates high school. Turns out he has taken too many days off, so he ropes his girlfriend, played by the gorgeous Mia Sara, and best friend, played by Alan Ruck into an elaborate scheme to take a day off.

14. Ghostbusters – 1980s comedy giants, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd co-star as paranormal experts who offer a unique ghost removal service. The special effects were considered state of the art, and the movie was a wonderful watch, with plenty of slap stick humor.

15. The Hangover – Who can forget a night in Las Vegas? A bachelor and his friends travel to Las Vegas to celebrate one of his last nights of none marriage. Due to a mixup the men cannot remember the events that happened the previous night, and their friend, who is supposed to be married in another day, is missing. In retracing their steps in hopes to find their friend, hilarity happens. This is one of the most brilliant post 2000s comedies to be made. It also takes place in Las Vegas, my favorite vacation destination.


16. Heathers – A dark comedy about the cliquishness of high school. Winona Ryder stars as Veronica who is part of the most powerful and popular clic in school, the Heathers. Veronica hates her friends, because they are bullies, ends up falling for a recently arrived bad boy, played by Christian Slater. They begin dealing with the Heathers with lethal results, only things go too far.

17. History of the World Part 1 – Another Mel Brooks classic. It takes a snarky look at history from the Old Testament to the French Revolution, weaving various people together. It is filled with a lot of racial and unpolitical correct humor.

18. HooperBurt Reynolds plays a stunt man nearing the end of his career, and wants to do one last big stunt. Jan-Michael Vincent plays the new breed of stunt man who is more aggressive, and willing to take bigger risks.

19. It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World – A madcap comedy loaded with many people who were big name stars of the 1960s. These types of comedies are no longer done because studios too closely guard their properties and stars or stars price themselves out of this type of movie.

20. The JerkSteve Martin plays a dim witted man who has a childish view of the world. Due to circumstances he ends up wealthy, and with everything he ever wanted. Then circumstances change his fortunes, and he returns to poverty. Only to end up with everything he needed. This is another movie that was made in a time when the nation could laugh at itself, and may offend the PC crowd.


21. Mystery Men – An underrated superhero movie, and comedy. Based on characters who appeared in an indy comic called Flaming Carrot, it takes a somewhat satyrical look at the superhero genre. The heroes are just regular people in costumes who have a gimmick. In the end a real threat faces the world, and the heroes measure up to the task. Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo are the big name comedians in the cast, and Paul Reubens adds his oddball talent to the mix.

22. Porky’s – One of the most raunchy side splitting teen comedies made. Set in the 1950s, it juxtaposes the innocents often associated with the times, with possible realities. The battle between the boys basketball team of Angel Beach High and the strip club owner Porky starts when the boys decide to go to his establishment to enjoy the company of some hookers. Porky ends up swindling them. Along their road to revenge, there is none stop hilarity. Just when you think one scene depicting a side splitting event is over so you can breath, another scene takes place.

23. Smokey & The BanditBurt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, and Jackie Gleason bring very dynamic performances to their characters. Bandit, played by Reynolds is an outlaw trucker of sorts who takes a bet to transport Coors beer from Texas to Georgia under 19 hours. Gleason plays Sheriff Buford T. Justice an obsessed lawman intent on chasing bandit to the end.

24. Spaceballs – Another Mel Brooks classic and spoof on science fiction. With comedy legends, John Candy and Rick Moranis staring in rolls that spoof popular science fiction characters. The bad guy Dark Helmet, played by Moranis is going to steal planet Druidia’s air supply. The heroes have to stop him.

25. StripesBill Murray and Harold Ramis are dissatisfied losers who hate their jobs, and decide to join the army. John Candy rounds out the top three comedic talents in the movie. Instead of being total washouts, their platoon winds up succeeding wildly, and go to Europe to guard a secret government project.


26. Trading PlacesDan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy team up in a comedy where two callous millionaires decide to use them as pawns in a bet. Aykroyd a up and coming investor is stripped of his wealth, and Murphy a homeless man is given all the wealth. Both men find out and decide to take revenge.

27. Vacation – The start of National Lampoon’s vacation movie series, mostly starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. Clark Griswold wants his family to have a perfect vacation, and travels across country in a station wagon to make it happen.

28. ZoolanderBen Stiller’s best movie. A model who is groomed to become an assassin. Owen Wilson plays his runway nemesis. The whole walk off was insane. This movie is a classic because it parodies shallowness so well.

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