Ten Movies You Should Consider

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These movies are worth at least watching once. They are great comedies, adventures, and dramas that were made decades ago. Some have achieved cult status, but most are classics to some extent. These movies are examples of how a film achieves more than it’s intent, because the right chemistry of actors and material propel it to better levels.


1. Porky’s: This early 1980s comedy was about high school kids in the 1950s. Set in a fictitious Florida city of Angel Beach, and essentially a raunchy teenage comedy, the basis is the high school kids want to go to a strip club. The strip club is a cover for a brothel. When the boys are ripped off, a war with the owner, Porky, begins. The movie is loaded with hilarious scenes. It was pushing the R rating for it’s time. There were two sequels, but those are not really worthy.

2. That Thing You Do: Another period piece filmed in the 1990s, but set in the early 1960s. It follows a band along their meteoric rise, and crash and burn as a one hit wonder. The band itself is called the Wonders. The music is original and catchy, and fits extremely well with the period. Sweet and innocent, with only one or two hints of sex. Overall the movie is consistent in acting, and the ending turns out happy.


3. Every Which Way But Loose: Late 1970s comedy about a trucker who bare knuckle fights for extra money. He falls in love with the wrong woman, and sets out to find her. This comedy is set in working man’s Los Angels. It lacks glitter and glam, overall it does a great job with it’s quirkiness. The soundtrack is country gold.

4. Any Which Way You Can: The sequel to Every Which Way But Loose, it is just as good, and in a few ways superior. The hero is back, except he is now involved with a fight that could end his life, the woman he loved is now part of his life, so ultimately that is all that matters to him. When she is in danger, he does everything to save her.


5. The Warriors: An action/adventure movie that follows a gang by the same name as they must return to their home in Coney Island, while hunted by rival gangs who think they committed a murder. To some extent it seems cartoonish in how it portrays gangs, but it was more of an attempt to establish a more surreal element within the story. The soundtrack contains some very decent music, and the best song is by Joel Walsh.

6. Brewster’s Millions: Staring the late Richard Pryor as Monty Brewster, it is probably Pryor’s best work. John Candy is his best friend, and both men work well together. Monty Brewster must spend millions of dollars, have no value for the money, and if he succeeds, he will inherit $300 Million. The catch, he cannot tell anyone.


7. Coming To America: Eddie Murphy plays a wealthy African prince who comes to the United States to seek the love of his life. With his loyal companion, played by Arsenio Hall, the two try to blend into American life in Queens. The comedy comes from the two men attempting to fit in, while not blowing their cover, because Prince Akeem wants the woman to love him for who he is, not his money.

8. Alien: This is a horror movie set in space. Sigourney Weaver plays Ripley, a scientist whom is running for her life after her ship is invaded by an alien life form. Suspenseful, and scary, it is one of the best horror movies made. Considering you never fully see the alien being, the reactions of the crew to the mystery creature stalking them makes you feel their terror.


9. Hatari: A movie set in Africa. John Wayne leads a group of animal trappers who live catch animals for zoos. They are burdened with a photographer from one of their largest customers. The scenery and animals are beautiful. The movie is over two hours, but the time passes quickly, because the pacing of the movie is excellent. It ends on a comedic note.

10. The Man Who Would Be King: Based on a Kipling novel of the same name. Two ex-military men cross the Himalayas to a fictitious land with modern army weapons to form their own kingdom. It is a case of be careful what you wish for, and how ultimately power corrupts. It stars Sean Connery and Michael Caine, so the acting is incredible, the story is marvelously told.

That is my ten movies you should consider. Thanks for stopping by.

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