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Most of these movies might be more modern than the previous post of a similar topic. Though more modern, they are still decent movies, and if you have not watched them. Give them a look. These days with streaming services, you do not feel too guilty about putting something on your watch list, then not liking it. Numbering is not an indicator of anything.


1. Ocean’s 11: The 2001 George Clooney remake of the Rat Pack movie by the same name. Essentially it was a modernization of the original movie, and took the name only. Con Man and Grifter, Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, decides he wants revenge on the man who stole his wife, Tess (played by Julia Roberts), and wants to get his wife back. Brad Pitt plays his partner in crime, Rusty, helps Danny organize eleven people with various skills in order to steal nearly $200 million from Terry Benedict, played by Andy Garcia. The show is basic, but well done, and has beautiful views of Las Vegas at the time, now radically different. I am a little biased in regards to this movie, since I am a Las Vegas fan, and I was present during some of the filming at the Bellagio, one of my top ten favorite places in Las Vegas.

2. The Fifth Element: Not the greatest science fiction movie, but one that sort of attempted to be a parody of science fiction movies. If viewed as a sort of parody, it actually makes some sense. The main character, played by Bruce Willis, is embroiled in a galactic crises, and is trying to hide the fifth element.


3. Fanboys: It is sort of the ultimate Star Wars fanboy homage. At the time, several of the actors were popular, and it was based on a rumored story. George Lucas was going to release Episode I: The Phantom Menace, one of the fans was dying of cancer, and he, along with his buddies do one last road trip to Skywalker Ranch in order to see if they could view the movie before release. There are a bunch of guest appearances, and the movie is generally silly, but worth watching.

4. Blues Brothers: A classic from the 1970s, it was a movie based on John Belushi, and Dan Ackroyd’s characters in a skit from Saturday Night Live. The show is loaded with good blues music, and humor. The Blues Brothers must save an orphanage they grew up in. To do so, they decide to put on a concert, then take the proceeds to pay the back taxes of the orphanage. Elwood and Jake Blues are pretty much con men, and drifters, but in the end, they somewhat succeed.


5. Trading Places: Dan Ackroyd, and Eddie Murphy team up to play two men caught in a game. Dan Ackroyd plays a wealthy stock merchant, whom is brought down low by two wealthy men he works for. The reason, the other men wanted to test the scientific theory of nature versus nurture. Even though a wealthy man is made poor, if his nature is one of success, he will rise up again. Take a poor man and make him wealthy, his bad habits and nature will cause him to fail. Eddie Murphy is a con artists, and street person who is used as the opposite part of the experiment. At first both men are foreign to their environments, but adapt. When by accident they meet, they sort out the details, and plot revenge.

6. Hangover: This movie is eight years old so it is considered ancient. One of the funniest modern comedies made. Though the sequels sucked. The movie itself changed things in Las Vegas, because it was primarily filmed in Las Vegas. As stated above, I have a certain affinity for Las Vegas. There are people who make a living dressing like characters from the movie, and standing on the Las Vegas Strip taking pictures with tourists. There are themed gaming machines based on the movie. If you have not seen the movie, and like comedy, this is one to watch.


7. Watchmen: A superhero movie that is often overlooked. It was faithful to the comic book source material. In spite of some fanboy whining about the ending, and how some material was glossed over, it is still a very good movie. A television series on HBO would be better. If you are looking for superhero movies, this is one to add to your watch list. Then you can watch the watchmen.

8. The Mystery Men: Based on a more eclectic, and alternative comic book, The Flaming Carrot, it focuses on superheroes that do not really have any powers. It is a parody of superheroes. The heroes are just guys in costumes to some extent, and if they are not in costume, you might see them working at Walmart or McDonalds. It is probably one of the most underrated superhero movies produced. The acting is good, and you have known comedians, and comic actors playing the parts of the heroes.


9. Young Guns: A fictionalized western based on the life of Billy The Kid, as portrayed by Emilio Esteves, Charlie Sheen makes an appearance as well. This is a decent western, and tries to even portray Billy as a hero, rather than an outlaw. It starts with a reporter meeting an old man in the desert who claims he is Billy the Kid.

10. Rocky: Though there has been a recent movie tied to the franchise, the original movie is still one of the best. It was passed over for an academy award, and almost viewed as a joke. When you view this movie, you realize how well acted, and directed it really was. It follows the rise of a heavy weight fighter, Rocky Balboa, when he was a washed up has been joke of a fighter, due to the way the fight industry works, Apollo Creed picks Rocky to do a Fourth of July fight against. Apollo’s managers pick Rocky, because Apollo is supposed to easily defeat Rocky, and the fight is more promotional, and reputation builder. Except, Rocky decides he does not want to be a joke anymore.


The Kicker –

11: Rocky II: The sequel to number 10, this movie is just as good. It is the rematch between Rocky and Apollo. Rocky has now become famous due to his fight against Apollo. Apollo has been avoiding fighting Rocky for a second time, and for a real match for the title. Not to give away the ending, but “Yo Adrian I won!”

These are ten movies, and a kicker that you might want to consider viewing. Some are classics, some are just silly, but all are worth at least a watch.

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