Another Ten Movies You Should Consider

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As was with the previous two posts (Post 1, Post 2), many of these movies are good movies in my opinion and worth a viewing. Most are probably available for streaming on various services. Number does not indicate anything.

1. Back to School: Rodney Dangerfield plays a self made multi-millionaire businessman, Thornton Mellon, who’s son is thinking of dropping out of college. He goes to visit his son, and finds out his son lied to him about being on the swim team, and is thinking of dropping out. So, Thornton decides to go to college with his son, and soon realizes how much he missed.

2. Blazing Saddles: This is one of the most politically incorrect movies, and everyone my age or older who has seen it bemoans the fact that this type of movie will never be made again. It is an incredible movie, and a great comedy. Mel Brooks was in his prime, and a comedic genius. The movie stars Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder, both worked incredibly well together, and you see the genius of Gene Wilder when it comes to comedic acting.

3. Heathers: A grim and dark comedy staring Winona Ryder who is a teenager who is part of the most popular click in school, the Heathers. Only, she really hates her friends, and becomes enchanted with a mysterious new student, played by Christian Slater. It is a commentary on teen angst, and the clickishness of high school.

4. Hooper: An aging stuntman played by Burt Reynolds, wants to do one last stunt. A new breed of stuntmen represented by Jan-Michael Vincent is taking over the industry. The beautiful Sally Field plays Hoopers love interest. It is an often overlooked, and one of the better Burt Reynolds movies. Ain’t nothing like the life of a stuntman.

5. Lost Boys: The vampire movie with the Corey’s, Corey Haim plays Sam and his older brother, Michael is played by Jason Patric. Their mother has moved in with their grandfather into a fictitious city on the California coast for a better life. The city itself is known as the murder capital of the world, and there are dozens of missing children or people. That is because a vampire nest has moved into town. Kiefer Sutherland plays the group leader, David, who lures, Michael into the group, turning him into a vampire. Cory Feldman plays Edgar Frog, who’s parents run a comic book store. The Corey’s team up to defeat the vampires and save Michael.

6. Minority Report: A decent Tom Cruise movie, and science fiction movie. The premise is the government uses psychics who predict a crime is going to happen, the police arrest the person before the crime happens. Thus crime is ended. Except, there are times when the psychics are not in synch and one has a different vision than the others. This is a minority report, and could prove someone innocent. Tom Cruise plays the main character who is falsely framed for a crime and is a fugitive who must prove his innocents.

7. Streets of Fire: A basic rock and roll fable. It is not bad over all, and has a very retro feel. The music of the movie is very good. Diane Lane plays the pivotal role in the movie. Ellen Aim, Diane’s character, is kidnapped by a motorcycle gang. Her ex-boyfriend, Tom Cody, played by Michael Pare, is hired to rescue her. The ending is actually very cool, and it involves a battle with sledgehammers.

8. Troy: Brad Pitt plays the main character, Achilles, in the movie. It revolves around the story of Helen of Troy, and the epic retelling of the Iliad and the Odyssey. It was panned as being bad, but it is worth watching for the epic battle scenes.

9. Victory: A fictionalized World War II movie, starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, and Pele. A group of POWs form a soccer league, and it becomes a publicity stunt for the Nazis. The Nazis stack the deck against the team, and will play in Paris. Contacting the French resistance, the POWs arrange a mass escape. Except, they decide to finish the game. It is a very thrilling movie to watch.

10. Zoolander: Ben Stiller plays the part to comedic perfection. A model who is so into himself, he does not realize how fake he really is. The funniest part is the pose off with Owen Wilson who plays his rival. I first saw the movie at a party, and the sound was turned off, it was very funny due to the physical humor. Add in some of the brilliant banter and it is hilarious.

That is another ten movies you should consider.

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