Silver Platters

October 22nd, 2017 by

Though the Brady children had not been adverse to singing on the show, even trying to make a record to cash in on the whole family music group concept, they had not entered a talent contest. At the start of the show, Jan had entered into a department store, and was paying for engraving done on a gift the children had purchased for their parents. A silver platter with the names of all the Brady children engraved on it. Turns out the engraving was 87¢ a letter, not 87¢ entirely. Considering the amount of money Jan was unable to pay for the platter. The man offered to hold the platter for her until the end of the week.

Jan was embarrassed and could not go to her parents for the money, because it would spoil the surprise. The Brady children were all tapped out of money, and so could not muster the funds to pay for the platter. Rather than go to their parents, the Brady children came up with a way to win the money. There was a talent show on the local television network, and it paid enough for the children to go and by the platter.

The children came up with a song, and dance routine, then began rehearsing after school. Alice caught them in the carport, but the children immediately rushed to feigning that they were cleaning. Though suspicious, Alice shrugged it off as another zany Brady thing.

At the television studio, the children auditioned and won a spot in the talent show. They did not have any costumes. The show manager was gracious and offered to let them use something the studio had around. All the children had to do was arrive an hour before the show, and the wardrobe department would set them up. The Saturday of the show, the children claimed they were going to a football game in order to leave early. Then the children got to the studio, and changed into their costumes.

Alice was dusting the family room, and turned on the television, as Patty’s Prancing Poodles left the stage. The show host announced the next act, The Silver Platters. Alice was stunned to see the Brady children come out into the studio and begin the song and dance routine. Alice ran to get Mike and Carol, screaming “Mr. & Mrs. Brady”. Mike and Carol happened to be having coffee in the kitchen, and when Alice announced their children were on television, they ran into the family room to watch. The camera cut between the Brady children singing in the studio, and Mike, Carol, and Alice watching on television. After the performance, the show host asked why the children were on the show. After a brief explanation, the children left to go back stage.

The announcement of the winner followed a brief interlude, commercial break. When it was announced that Patty’s Prancing Poodles won, Alice was perturbed, and switched off the television vowing to never watch that station again. Mike and Carol went to go purchase the platter.

The children arrived home dejected. Mike and Carol showed them the platter, and confessed to having seen the show. Also, the sales clerk had called, talked to Mike, and explained what happened. Jan was repentant and promise to pay the money back. Then Bobby joked about how the dog act beat them out. Bobby made dog noises and simulated begging. End of episode.

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