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Returning to my Brady posting.

The Brady Bunch featured a blond mother with three blond girls. Marcia, the oldest, and the beautiful one. Jan, the middle girl, and pretty one. Cindy, the youngest and cute one. All the girls had personalities to reflect the position in the sisterhood. Marcia was the confident leader, Jan the neurotic competitor, and Cindy the whiner who wanted to grow up to soon.

When it came to natural good looks, the Brady girls seem to have it all. Blond hair, blue eyes, naturally good facial features, and potential to be beautiful no matter what. All the girls grew up to be spectacularly attractive women.

As the show progressed some of the foibles of the girls were played up. Cindy had little girl problems, and was in constant need of growing up, but was also in too much of a hurry to grow up. Jan was in constant competition with her oldest sister. Never feeling she was pretty enough or good enough. Marcia was the one whom was narcissistic, but caring when it came to her sisters.

Marcia was the first to date boys, but had bad choice in boyfriends. From bug collector to quarterback who only wanted to date her to steal her brother’s playbook. Marcia seemed dependent on verifying her beauty by attracting men. Though Marcia strove for independence, her vanity caused her to throw away a career at Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor. Marcia was going to be a trophy wife or business woman. Jan and Cindy always seemed to have trouble with boys though.

The Brady girls would start out as antagonists toward their stepbrothers, but eventually grow into being sisters. Though there was a good deal of gender specific sibling rivalry. Marcia always wanted to compete against Greg, joining his scouting group, then dropping out, preferring girly things over manly things. Though Marcia was definitely interested in manly things. Jan and Peter had an alliance of sorts, due to being middle children. Eventually Jan grew up and out of neurotic behavior. Cindy always wanted to be older than her age, with the gorgeous Marcia, and pretty Jan, Cindy just felt like a little girl. Bobby with his big heart would try to make Cindy feel better.

Many of the things the girls did was as a group. Which probably did not help when it came to them developing their own identities. Dancing lessons, hula lessons, anything girly, the Brady girls did in triplicate. Jan usually being the one whom could not keep up with Marcia, and Cindy seemed to overcome lack of talent.

All the girls became women, but their paths took different directions.

Cindy’s drive was at first to be as old and good as her sisters, but that changed to becoming her own person. Cindy would grow up and demand independence after she graduated college. Cindy became a radio DJ, and began romancing the owner of the radio station. Cindy was heading toward being an entrepreneur or sales person.

Jan would become a successful architect, and run the family firm. Marrying a college professor, and adopting a little girl from Korea. For some reason, Jan could not conceive, though Marcia had no problems.

Marcia became a stay at home mom. Marrying a salesman she barely knew because Jan was going to get married. No way was her younger sister going to out do her. The bum never seemed to be able to keep a job, lost the house, and Marcia had to move back in with her parents, with husband and two children in tow. Eventually she turned to alcohol.

As stated, I am partial to Jan, but would not deny Marcia’s beauty or Cindy’s cuteness. The young girls who appeared for a half hour every day on a show I watched on syndication, and later on DVD will always have a place in my heart. Either as girls I would want as sisters or girls I would love to date when I was their age.

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