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The Cosmopolitan is one resort I highly recommend and will probably replace a resort on my Top 10 list. It can also be added to the places I stayed list.

I admit, I like my luxuries when I visit Las Vegas and I will find a great room at a great price. The One Bedroom, Fountain View, Terrace Suite is probably the best room I have stayed in. The rooms at the Cosmopolitan tend to be more luxurious to begin with, because it was originally built as a condo tower and hotel tower combination, but due to changes in the market, the rooms which were going to be condos were converted to hotel rooms, thus there is a great deal more square footage. I did a walk through video, and I will post it later.

The Cosmopolitan offers a variety of places to eat that have good food. I personally ate at the Wicked Spoon Buffet, China Poblano, and Zuma. All were excellent, but cost money. They were worth every penny. China Poblano has a signature drink called the Salty Air Margarita, which is a traditional margarita, but the salt floats on top of the mix in a foam, instead of being put on the rim of the glass. It gives a great balance to the drink. At Zuma, I finally enjoyed Japanese Wiskey, and found it comparable to good Single Malt Highland Scotch.

One of the great things to do in the Cosmopolitan is to walk the public halls and spaces. There is so much eye candy in the form of art, photos and sculptures it boggles the mind. I kept finding something new to take a picture of and post on my social media accounts.

There is also the Chandelier bar, which serves a great mix of specialty drinks that are crafted for the season. I had one drink there every night.


The location of Cosmopolitan is center strip, and it makes access to the rest of the strip easy. You can walk to Bally’s and use the monorail. On Tuesday, September 25, I used an all day pass and rode to the far north of the strip to the SLS station, and back. Then walked to the Stratosphere. Though the area between the SLS and Stratosphere is filled with vagrants, panhandlers and shady characters, it is safe during the day. Though I will more than likely not be making the trip my next visit to Las Vegas. It is easy to walk to Aria, and The Park (formerly Monte Carlo). The changes to the Park are incredible, but I think it lost some soul when all the restaurants and shops were removed and the space was converted to convention space. Once you get to the Park, it is an easy walk to New York-New York, and essentially access to all the south end of the strip casinos, including Mandalay Bay via monorail from Excalibur.

The Cosmopolitan caters to a younger crowd, while waiting to check in, I found the mindset of the crowd was different. Though taught to be decent people, they are not very self aware, and thus somewhat self absorbed.

One complaint has more to do with the new laws in Las Vegas. Marijuana is now for sale for recreational use. A person can buy it, and smoke it privately. Though all the rooms are designated as non-smoking in Cosmopolitan, the Terraces are available for smoking. The smell can drift into the room, and it is very apparent whom users are on the elevator.

Overall, it was a great trip, though the casinos were not friendly to me, I had a great time. I might even repeat a stay at the Cosmopolitan if the price were right next time I visit Las Vegas.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS: I found out the shuttle between Bally’s and Rio Suites has been ended. Thus making travel in Las Vegas a little difficult. I am not sure if the shuttle between Harrah’s and Rio is no longer operational. The show “Crazy Girls” as well as the statue are at Planet Hollywood.


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