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March 29th, 2024 by

Things Do Once In RDR2, Then Move On

100% Complete – I did this on my third play through. Now I understand why slightly more than a quarter of a percent of players do this. It requires a lot of tedious work, and some things just become frustrating or you wonder why bother. There are some definite design flaws in an incredible game.

Carolina Parakeets Extinction – If you can get the damn birds to spawn. Useless mission, gain nothing, unless you are OCD and want to find all the animals in the compendium.

Complete All Challenges – Necessary for the above 100% complete. Some are so poorly thought out, one wonders why? Others were really awesome and worth doing. Explorer, Gambler, Sharpshooter and Weapons Expert are not worth doing. Bandit, Horseman, Master Hunter, and Survivalist are worth doing. Herbalist is worth doing, but only as John, since Arthur cannot complete it.

Dinner At The Pig Farmer – The guy and his wife are real friendly. Then things go bad.

Duchesses And Other Animals – The revolver and hat are pretty cool, but not worth all the effort. This is essentially a farming mission that has to be completed for 100% complete. It can be really frustrating at times. Research the mission first, and begin gathering ahead of time.

Friends With Sonny – Seemed like a nice fellow. Then things went bad.

Meet Old Gang Members In Epilogue – Charles, Uncle, Sadie, Micah, and Dutch are part of the storyline. Mary Beth, Pearson, and Tilly are not. John can bump into them by accident, and have a conversation, but the timing has to be right. John is most likely to bump into Pearson, since he owns the general store in Rhodes. I sought them out on purpose during my second play through.

UFO – Did this during my first play through. It was fun, but somewhat anticlimatic. Had no urge to do so in the other two play throughs.

Vampire Hunt – Did it as both Arthur and John on different play throughs. The only reason I did it on third play through, wanted to hogtie him and have some fun, it was interesting. Might bring him to Sonny on the fourth play through.

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