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December 8th, 2023 by

Back in 2016, Florence Henderson, Carol Brady died. She was part of a big part of my childhood. I used to sit and watch the Brady Bunch in syndication, and loved it. Even as a grew into adulthood, if the Brady Bunch was on, I would watch whatever episode was playing. When the DVD sets came out, I purchased them, and watched them. Then the complete shag edition came out, I bought that. When the set came to my house, I started to feel nostalgic, and noticed things in the show. I began blogging. Just my observations, and some snarky comments about episodes and characters.

For about a year, every three or four days, I posted a new blog. The last Brady blog was published in 2018. As my site evolved, my blogging diminished, and I just reposted videos from my YouTube channel. At some point, I was trying to review my old blogs on the Brady Bunch, because the writing was not bad. I intended to make a link page with all the posts a permanent part of the website. Unfortunately there are limitations to the search function of WordPress, and if you go to the Brady Category, you get maybe the last six blogs. I thought for sure the blogs were lost forever.

Then I was searching through files of an old computer harddrive I had backed up. I found a folder containing the blog posts. Actually I found a folder for the blog posts, but it contained one text file. The text file contained links to all of my Brady posts. When I posted a Brady blog, I copied a direct URL link onto the text page, in order of publishing. Because I actually linked back to previous posts. It was easier to have the direct URL to the post for linking in the text. Me five or so years ago was a genius. I had created an archive of direct URL links to my blogs for quick reference and linking. This included the original post about Florence Henderson, and the final Brady blog. My ultimate intent was if I went back to blogging about Brady or anything referencing previous Brady blog posts, I had the links.

Because I had these links, I decided to create the link page, with links to all the blogs, and put it as a permanent part of the website. I am republishing Bagboy and my comic Shots!, might even bring back my slideshow toy comic.

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