Friday Fish Fry

September 15th, 2023 by

Due to a very strong Roman Catholic presence, in Wisconsin on Friday, only fish was served in taverns and restaurants. Friday was considered Good Friday, and in honor of Christ’s sacrifice no meat was served on Friday. It was even illegal in some counties or towns to serve meat on Friday. Because Wisconsin became less infuenced by Catholics, and taverns and restaurants did not want to lose business, laws were repealed, and not fish was also served on Friday. Yet, people still enjoyed the fish fries on Friday. Taverns and Restaurants bragged about their Fish Fry on Friday. It was also an inexpensive meal for many people. So the tradition of fish fries on Friday continued.

When I started this website it was intended to show case my creative work, and I would blog about pop culture. With the technology at the time, show casing my creative work was a bit problematic. Eventually, I moved on to doing essentially two web comics. I did continue to blog, it was a tradition.

One webcomic was called “Unknown”, eventually “Figured Out”, it was inspired by Toyfare, a magazine dedicated to toy collecting. I took pictures of action figures being posed, and then put word balloons on them in photoshop. It was sarcastic, snarky, and probably would not work today. I do have all the files, and at one time I reposted the whole run. I probably could do so on this site. I even contemplated redoing the comic. But, I do not have as many action figures, and I would have to get into buying more just to have various appearances or cast members. I do actually have 6 inch figures now of two of the cast members. So it would not look as awkward. Combining figure scales is not a good thing.

The second webcomic was going to be a superhero related comic, with a twist. The secret identity of the character was producing the webcomic. Burt Chopper was a college student working at a local grocery store as a bag boy. He stops a crime, and gets some publicity. Rather than actually become a superhero, Burt does a webcomic of the superhero he created, “Bagboy”. I am now republishing this comic. Which started in November of 2008. I did this comic for several years, then switched to a different comic, and again switched to a different comic. I took down the website for a year or so, cleared all the files and stuff out. Then I restarted the website with the comic “Gorilla Fish” in 2015. A year and a half later, “Kid Spider” began, and eventually it became “Teen Spider”. I stopped “Teen Spider” because I was losing interest. I was mulling other ideas, then I realized, I had several years of comic strips stored on a hard drive. That is why I am republishing “Bagboy”. It has essentially been a decade since I stopped publishing the comic and took the website down.

Now I am bringing back blogging on Friday. As part of what was a tradition on this website. Blogging. I might blog about pop culture or anything. It will take me a while to get into a rythm. On Friday, I might also repost a video from my YouTube channel. Which is what the blog part of this site became, just a reposting of my videos from the YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy the content.

Thanks for stopping by.