Collecting Something

January 26th, 2020 by

As stated in a previous post, I am essentially done with comic books. For over three decades of my life, nearly four decades, I collected comics. Changes in creative directions, and ultimately the cancelling of the one series I read, Walking Dead, ended my comic collecting.

Throughout my entire life, I have collected many things. Action figures, sports cards, none sport cards, gaming cards (magic the gathering), blackjack chips, and many other things. I have sold off most of those other collections completely or to a point where there is very little left. Comic books were the one constant. Even after selling off nearly ninety percent of my collection, I was still collecting. Now I am done with that. The comics I want to keep are in small boxes in a closet. The comics I do not care about are in small boxes on a pallet in the basement. I will eventually get rid of them.

Collecting can be an odd obsession or quirk. At this point, I am collecting video games. Since I play video games as a hobby, and record my play for posting on my YouTube channel (link in the upper bar of this website), it makes some sense. I have an Xbox 360, since a new Xbox system is coming out at the end of 2020, I will skip to that system. It will be backward compatible.

Another little collection is my Funko Pops. I started with Davos Seaworth and Tormund Giantsbane, two characters I liked in Game of Thrones. Suddenly I have fifteen. Seven of which are Brady Bunch related. I did an unboxing of getting the six figures a while back (video below). I did find the Jan figure with George Glass.

Due to streaming services not always carrying certain movies or television shows, as well as possible editing of digital content, I have started collecting DVD & Blu-Rays of shows. Do not get rid of your physical media folks. It may be the only way to watch some shows or movies in the future. Companies will often repackage movies or television shows, which are edited or missing. check entertainment app for pc.

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