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Warning: I have not watched any episodes, what I am bringing up is based on reviews or other posts on other sites, combine with my own theories. If I somehow post a spoiler during this, and you would be upset, read no further.

Game of Thrones season 3 was halfway through, when I finally decided to see what the hype was about, and purchased season 1 on DVD. After watching the first episode, which has some bearing on what I will write about, I almost stopped watching completely. Rather than give away a good set of DVDs because I was not happy, I decided to continue watching. The show won me over. By the end of season 1, I purchased season 2. I was always perpetually behind due to having to wait for the DVD sets to come out. Even with the ability to now stream, I have decided to carry on my tradition. Unlike many people, I do not mind reading about the episodes, and some details, because I always want to see for myself. Besides, knowing and seeing are two different things.

Season 8 is going to be only 6 episodes long, so already, the season is a third over. Season 8 will follow a very tight 3 act arc. The arc will not be spread evenly out over all six seasons. The first act was the first two episodes. You are introduced to the characters, set up for conflict is beginning, then the second act happens. The second and third acts will be very intertwined. The war with the White Walkers, and final battle for the throne, will be one big event over the next four episodes. Though the conflict is with the White Walkers, the resolution is whom sits on the Iron Throne.

My predictions as to what happens, and who dies are divided into four categories. The first is the main characters, second is minor characters, third is King’s Landing characters, and fourth is wildcard or outlier characters. I will give percentages as to the likelihood of who will die.

First the major characters. These are characters whom the show introduced to us in the beginning. Whether the characters have had extensive face time or not does not matter. All were introduced in the first episode. With the major characters, I have paired them, with one exception. One of the pair will die, and the individual will die for sure.

Sansa or Arya: The Stark sisters. Sansa 75% chance of dying, Arya 25% chance of dying. They have survived a lot, and grown up differently. Now reunited at Winterfell, as the White Walkers approach, one will more than likely not live. Sansa is the heavy favored to die. Though a wonderful character, she is the most expendable. Arya has too many plot threads woven into her story. Her list includes the Mountain and Cercei. Arya is also the best equipped to survive a battle, and Sansa always needs a champion. The only way Arya would die before Sansa is if Arya sacrifices herself to save her sister. There are too many other champions whom can be sacrificed for Sansa instead of Arya. Though Sansa might survive, she would be low hanging fruit to pick and somehow drive home the point of how dire the circumstances are.

Tyrion or Jamie: The Lanister brothers. Tyrion 20% chance of dying, Jamie 80% chance of dying. Jamie has always been the protector of his brother. Jamie has betrayed his family defending his brother. Jamie will not die protecting his brother this time, more than likely Jamie will die protecting Bran. A sort of apology and restitution for having shoved Bran off the tower, and crippling him.

Jon or Daenerys: The Targarians. Jon 20% chance of dying, Danny 0% chance. Both are protected by plot armor and dragons. Han Solo and Chewbacca will come to Qi’ra’s aid, as will Aquaman… wrong shows. Jon is a reluctant leader, as well as a terrible one. Sansa won the battle of the bastards. Danny was raised and groomed to be a leader. If Jon does die, it will be in the final episode, either defending Danny or Arya.

Bran Stark will die, but he will live on. Bran wants to lure the Night King into a trap, and that will get Bran killed. Bran will end up being slain by the Night King, but will Worg into either Samwell Tarly or baby Sam in order to keep the memory alive. Bran is no longer really Bran, so there will be no recriminations about taking over someone else.

The minor characters are people whom have been introduced throughout the show, and serve as champions for the main characters. Because of these characters being champions, they may also be the sacrificial goat to keep the main character alive to the end.

Brienne of Tarth: 80% chance of dying. Brienne has a weird Wookie Life Debt to Katheryn Stark, and has sworn fealty to Sansa. Brienne was knighted by Jamie, so she is now a protector of the realm. With all of this selfless honor and loyalty, she is a major target to die saving someone. Brienne almost wants to die saving someone. Brienne will more than likely die protecting Sansa.

Thormund Giantsbane: 80% chance of dying. He loves Brienne and will sacrifice his own life for her. Because of this, he has the same odds of dying as her. He is the only reason she might survive. More than likely he will die to save Brienne or die helping Jamie save Bran during his ill advised attempt to trap and slay the Night King.

The Hound: 90% chance of dying. The Hound is a changed man. There are numerous ways he could die. Helping Jamie save Bran or saving Sansa. More than likely his life will be taken while watching Arya’s back. His dying request will be for Arya to kill his brother and Cercei on his behalf.

Podrick: 50% chance of dying. Pod is Brienne’s squire, and has shown to be capable of saving someone in battle. He saved Tyrion. With Brienne’s training he is becoming a more capable fighter. If Pod does die, it will be defending Tyrion or Sansa or trying to prevent Brienne from dying.

Davos Seaworth: 40% chance of dying. He is Jon’s hand, and in the best position to not die. He is also a bad fighter, and so will not put himself in harms way needlessly. If he does die, it will be something noble, like saving Gendry.

Gendry: 20% chance of dying. This guy is now plot armored up. His romance with Arya puts him in a great position to not die. If he does die, it will be to protect Arya.

Samwell Tarly: 10% chance of dying. Though a coward, and probably will stay as far away from the fighting as possible, he has taken on the big boys when necessary, and won. Sam is also willing to take a beating for those he loves, and a just cause. When he was protecting Gilly from being raped, he was really badly beaten. Chances are Samwell will be around when Bran dies, and so may end up being Worged into.

Jorah Mormont: 60% chance of dying. His love for Danny will get him killed. He survived a horrible disease on her orders, and so is willing to do anything to protect her. Jorah will die protecting Danny.

Lord Varys: 10% chance of dying. Hardly a noble guy, but likable, he will stay away from combat as much as possible. His chances of dying would be due to something really stupid or bad happening.

Grey Worm: 50% chance of dying. Leader of the Unsullied, he will be in the thick of battle. Plot armor protects him, and he will not die unless it is to save Danny directly. If he does not die, he will be the commander of the Queen’s guard.

The King’s Landing group will die. Everyone on the following list has 100% chance of dying. How and by whom’s hand is really subject to debate.

Euron Greyjoy: He will die by either Bronn’s hand or Theon’s hand. Long odds will be by Arya’s hand or Danny’s dragons killing him. If Cercei orders the Mountain to kill him, then it will be done, but highly unlikely.

The Mountain: He will kill a major character before he dies. Odds are it will be Jon Snow, because Arya will try to kill the Mountain, may end up close to dying, and Jon will die to give Arya the opening she needs. Either that or the Mountain will come closes to killing Danny, and Jon will die preventing him from doing this. Which means setting up Arya for the kill or Danny’s dragon will scorch the mountain.

Cercei Lanister: The most poetic death will happen for Cercei. Arya will pose as Jamie, seduce Cercei, then stab her with the dagger intended to kill Bran. Either that or Danny feeds Cercei to her dragons.

The wildcard or outlier characters contains characters whom could have been included amongst the other groups, but due to their plot threads are capable of tying up loose ends or changing the pattern.

Bronn: 50% chance of dying. Hired by Cercei to kill her brothers. He is fond of Jamie and does like Tyrion, but neither fulfilled their promise. Cercei has delivered in the past. Bronn might end up killed by Grey Worm while defending Tyrion. Bronn may change sides and end up killing Euron. If Bronn does kill Euron, he will more than likely marry Yara.

Theon Greyjoy: 60% chance of dying. His affection and protectiveness of Sansa puts him at a higher risk of dying. If he is not killed at Winterfell, he will kill his uncle, but may die at the hands of the Mountain. If he survives to the end, he may end up serving Danny in some capacity.

Yara Greyjoy: 20% chance of dying. Though she was rescued and went back to the Iron Islands, she may feel some sort of loyalty to Danny and her brother, and help in the final battle. If Bronn lives, and kills Euron, she will marry Bronn. Yara is not a lesbian, she maybe bisexual with a strong affection for women or even fluid sexually.

Darrio Naharis: 30% chance of dying. Leader of the Second Sons and Danny’s paramour before she came to Westros. He might have found out about Cercei hiring the Golden Company, and decide to bring the Second Sons to Westros to help. Another option is he infiltrated the Golden Company with the Second Sons and will turn on Cercei.

Jagen Ghar: 50% chance of dying. Just because he let Arya go does not mean he is fine with the decision. Cercei hired Bronn to kill her brothers, she might have hired the Faceless Men to kill Jon and Danny. Jagen still might show up, and change things. He might end up dying at Arya’s hand.

Melisandre: 50% chance of dying. She may not be welcome in Winterfell, but she still may play an important part. She can resurrect the dead, as she did with Jon Snow, but she ended up needing more time. Can she resurrect someone before they turn into a wight? She may end up saving the life of a character whom would have died. Jon Snow could die, and return again.

Now for some weird stuff that could happen, but are slim odds.

Jon kicks Danny to the curb, and hooks up with Arya. 1% chance of happening. Arya is said to be like her aunt whom gave birth to Jon. Jon has always had an affection for Arya. He is already committing incest with his aunt. His cousin would not be too far of a stretch.

Jon hooking up with Sansa. No chance. Sansa was never warm to Jon, and Jon thinks she is a dullard. They simply tolerate each other. Sansa wants him out of Winterfell. Kissing cousins might save Sansa from death.

Sansa and Tyrion consummating their marriage. 2% chance. They were never unmarried or divorced or annulled. When Tyrion and Sansa fled their separate ways, the marriage was assumed over. This is based on Sansa surviving. Which won’t happen.

Gendry taking the throne and making Arya his bride. 2% chance. More than likely Gendry will marry Arya and become ward of the north.

Bronn marrying Sansa. 1% chance. Sansa might end up taking a shine to Bronn, if he turns out to not be a bad guy. Then again, I have Sansa picked for being dead, so the odds are low.

Cercei remaining on the Iron Throne, but consenting to Danny being Queen of the North. 1% chance. Cercei cannot be trusted, but if it means saving herself, she might consent to the arrangement. Though Arya would have to end up dead somehow.

These are my own theories, not based on anything really, except maybe some observation. If anything happens as I predicted, damn I was good.

As always, Thanks for stopping by.

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