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Over the past months I have been posting YouTube videos, about every other week, and now weekly. It is actually fun, and I am gaining a new skill set. As a graphic designer by trade, many companies are lumping together other needed skills into the designer category. Hate to misquote, but, “Damnit Jim, I am a Designer, not a Photographer or Videographer.” This also applies to my being an artist.

I admit, my art is not great. The last formal art training I had was nearly three decades ago. I did enjoy Life Art. Moving on.

When it comes to YouTubing it is surprisingly not that hard. For Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, I just record my game via a screen recording feature right in the phone. So crystal clear, beautiful everything.

For video games like, GTA 5 or Skyrim, I have to set the iPhone up on a tripod and square things up with the television. Unfortunately sometimes the video captured is blurry. Still trying to figure that out. Yes, I am playing on an Xbox 360 I purchased at least nine years ago or longer.

There is an adapter for less than five dollars a person can purchase at Best Buy or even on Amazon that holds the iPhone to the tripod. Masking tape and Duct tape work, but can be really problematic. I wasted a roll of Duct tape trying to record, and realized, it probably cost as much to just by the adapter.

Once I have everything recorded, I upload to my computer. A Mac, because I am a designer. Macs are awesome for designing and software associated with design. I have used PC’s and they are slow, and freeze up sometimes. Once I upload the video, I use iMovie to edit. It is not a super high end program, but it is surprisingly good for what I need it for. I refuse to pay ransom to Adobe in order to get a suite of programs. As handy as it would be to have the latest Photoshop, etc.

After editing the video, I wind up saving it to a file to upload to YouTube. Uploading can take at least a half hour, one video took over an hour. I find it goes faster if you upload to YouTube, while surfing the internet. Yep, you would think otherwise, but as long as the computer is awake and connected to the internet, video uploads faster. I tried just leaving the video upload, and it seemed to take longer.

Oddly my most viewed video was the walk through video I did of my hotel suite in Las Vegas. I felt it was not greatly done, but it was last minute and at night, due to the daytime video not saving. I thought it did or accidentally deleted it.

Well, until I get a tax return or some really nice Christmas gifts, I will be doing the YouTubing the way I am. At this point investing in a laptop, upgraded video game counsel, an HTML splitter, and a video capture card is not in the budget.

Thanks for stopping by.

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