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One of the most quoted movies and probably quotable movies ever made, Scarface, is one movie I end up watching at least once a year. When the movie came out originally, it did not do overly well at the box-office. Scarface became such a cult hit, it inspired a lot of merchandise, as well as perpetual re-releases on DVD and Blu-Ray, which provided more content or insight into the film. Watching it with some detachment it is somewhat over the top and cheesy, but that is also what makes it so dynamic.

Al Pacino, plays Tony Montana, an immigrant who came over during the Marianas Boat Lift. He was held in detention, because he was a suspected criminal sent over with the average Cubans trying to escape. While in detention, Tony and his friend, Manny Ribera, played by Seven Bauer, agree to kill a former member of Castro’s Communist party, who had fallen out of favor. Castro had imprisoned Emilio Rebenga, and decided to get rid of him. The man who hired Tony and his friends to kill Rebenga had enough power and influence to get the men green cards. When the two men leave the camp, they have jobs a dishwashers and cooks, but see wealth. Finally Tony accepts a job to retrieve cocaine from some suppliers.

This is where Scarface begins to build his life as a criminal, drug dealer, then drug kingpin. In one of the most gross, and bloody scenes to be filmed in a movie, Tony is willing to sacrifice a friend, to get what he wants. In doing this, Tony shows his utter ruthlessness, but also his psychotic side.


We get further insight into Tony’s psychotic side when the film begins to show his incestuous attraction to his sister Gina, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Tony’s friend and ultimately trusted right hand man shows some interest in Tony’s sister. Immediately Tony becomes aggressive and warns his friend off.

Tony’s obsession with his sister become’s more apparent when Tony and his friend enter The Babylon Club, a popular club, featured in the movie multiple times. Gina is dancing with a man, and they leave to make out in a stall in the bathroom. Tony follows them, and beats up the man, slaps his sister, then sends her home with his friend.

Tony shows more covetous behavior and desire for power when he steals the girlfriend, Elvira Hancock, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, of the man who originally gave Tony the opportunity, Frank Lopez, played by Robert Loggia.

All the events Tony orchestrates for his own power and greed, betraying those he feels deserve betrayal, and rewarding or intimidating those whom are loyal. All done with utter ruthlessness.

The movie follows Tony’s rise and fall. His own fall is due to his hubris, and very psychotic behavior. This movie is long, over two hours, but the time does pass quickly.

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