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Ocean’s Eight is a sort of spin off, sequel to the George Clooney, Ocean’s movies. Ocean’s Eleven being one of my favorite movies. Sandra Bullock stars as Debbie Ocean, the younger sister of Danny Ocean. The movie starts similarly to Ocean’s Eleven, Debbie is answering questions of the parole board, and is released from prison. Debbie instantly begins scamming and running cons to get herself clothing, make-up, and a hotel room. Debbie then contacts her old friend, Lou, played by Kate Blanchett.

Debbie goes to visit her ex-boyfriend, played by Richard Armitage, and threatens him. He has some history with Debbie, and how she ended up in prison, which is revealed in the movie. Debbie also goes to visit the grave of her brother. At Danny’s grave, she is met by Reuben, played by Elliott Gould. Reuben warns Debbie about her con that she plans to pull, and states her brother did not want her returning to prison. Debbie is picked up by Lou, and the begin planning their con. Debbie wants to steal a very valuable piece of jewelry.

Lou and Deb begin rounding up their crew, a who’s who of talented and pretty actresses. There are some obstacles to overcome, and ultimately it is revealed that the whole focus of the con was not the actual con itself. The first con was a distraction so there was time to pull off the actual con. On top of that, Debbie had built in a third con to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Ocean’s Eight follows along the same pattern as the other Ocean’s movies. It is a basic heist movie, with plot twists, and surprise revelations. Overall, it was much better than the Ocean’s Twelve movie, maybe just as good as Ocean’s Thirteen. It would not be surprising if a continuation of the Ocean’s franchise were to happen, and an Ocean’s Nine and Ten were made.

If you are looking for a decent movie, that is entertaining, and tied to a familiar franchise, Ocean’s Eight is a good watch.

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