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January 7th, 2018 by

Speed Bump was introduced in the Gorilla Fish: Bumps story arc. He was a character I intended to retcon into the BagBoy Universe. The heroes fought a pitched battle against the walking nuclear reactor called Destructo, who was going critical. In order to save Big City, Speed Bump used his energy redirecting powers to prevent Destructo from destroying the city. At that point, a massive temporal wave created by an accidental dimensional jump from a millennia ago caused Speed Bump and Destructo to be removed from the BagBoy Universe entirely. Somehow both beings ceased to exist in the collective memory of everyone in the universe. Except there was a residual. Sidebar: The dimensional jump caused a massive time/space energy wave to reflect off Doctor Fantastic’s pocket universe and destroy Point Man’s Universe, as portrayed in the Gorilla Fish: Point-Tastic story arc.

Since I had returned Speed Bump into the BagBoy Universe, I decided to start with the return of Speed Bump in Kid Spider as a way to elaborate a little more, and bring Kid Spider in line with Gorilla Fish without even bringing Gorilla Fish into the equation.

I had written several other story arcs, but I decided to remove those, and do things in a more efficient manner. As I begin to align the Kid Spider stories with what was revealed in Gorilla Fish, I can be a little more creative in some areas.

The Speed Bump story is brief, only a few strips long, and I will move into another element introduced into the whole mix in the next story arc after. Since I only publish once a week, the process can be a bit tedious to read. This is why I advise reading past stories.

This also coincides with a revamping of the look of the website. I had wanted to redo the Kid Spider theme, and had gone through a lot of design concepts. I wanted to compress the header, remove the whole background image, though I might find something I want to do later. I felt the whole website needed a revamp, and some cleaning up. I will continue publishing my sort of pop culture related blogs twice a week. I am working on some Brady themed blogs as well, since I had heavily introduced the blogs last year.

Hope you enjoy the new look.

Thanks For Stopping By.

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