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Thank You Mrs. Brady

November 27th, 2016 by


She was everyone’s mom. Kind, gentle, intelligent, and willing to impart wisdom to her children, biological or adoptive. Most of my memories of the Brady Bunch were due to syndication, the show has never been off the air in the nearly 50 years after it’s first episode aired. It is a testimony to the cord the show struck with most people, and in due to the woman who played Mrs. Brady.

Florence Henderson is what America is about, starting from humble beginnings and rising to great success based on talent, hard work, and love for what she did. If you read Florence’s autobiography, she only devotes on chapter to the show, because her career and life was so extensive, and the four years the show aired was just a part of it. But, Florence was always humble, and understood that the show about a blended family, made her recognized the world over, and she was grateful.

Though I am much older than when I first saw the Brady Bunch, if I am changing channels, and there is nothing to watch, and the show is on, I will watch it. Nostalgia is funny thing. You can view a cheesy, basic, but well done show that teaches basic morals with a good deal of joy. That is a testament to how well the show was done. Because I have watched other shows from my past, with nostalgic exuberance, and wondered why I liked it. In that case, I chalk it up to being a child. Yet, in it’s sincerity, the Brady Bunch is still wonderful to watch.

Thanks Florence Henderson.


November 6th, 2016 by

The conflict begins. A sort of intra-dimensional battle. A new dimension is introduced with the two characters featured in the first page.

Lefty – A cigar chomping, shotgun wielding, one eyed chimp.

Spindle – An alien telepath creature.

Both are from the dimension Calamari currently resides in, where Death Boss (Death Swimmer) and 2B-Bot are now fleeing to. This dimension is called the Cigar Man Universe, and will be shown in the future. Until then, enjoy the next story.

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End Of Bad Boys

October 30th, 2016 by

Death Boss is now Death Swimmer, and he leaves with 2B-Bot to join Calamari in another universe. In the mean time, Gorilla Fish and Doctor Menace have deduced that their two former allies are now up to something not good, and could jeopardize the entire multiverse.

Next story will be loaded with action.

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Netflix No More

October 16th, 2016 by

When I bought my Apple TV about six years ago, I subscribed to Netflix streaming as a supplement to the DVD deliveries. Netflix offered a good deal of content from what I considered 1st tier cable channels, Discovery, History, Animal Planet, etc. Netflix even offered content from Starz.

Four years ago, I decided to end my cable television relationship with my service provider, and only have high speed internet. Netflix was a big reason for the ending of cable television, because the catalog of programs was still excellent. Netflix was moving into their own programming as well. Most of the original programming I considered mediocre, but decent to watch. Over the next several years, there were some stand out programs.

About two years ago, Netflix content began changing dramatically. At first Netflix still offered programming from some top tiered channels, but those programs were bundled into “Best of” formats. Then Netflix dropped those shows completely, and offered shows that were similar from 2nd Tier cable channels.

As Netflix began producing more and more of their own programming, the content from what might be competitive channels dropped off entirely. Even programs from 3rd tier cable channels that were marginally watchable, disappeared. “The Vanilla Ice Project” was not bad.

When Netflix original programs that I considered good began to nosedive as well, I was debating whether it was worth keeping. After finishing the sixth season of the Walking Dead, I decided why pay for something I do not watch.

So I joined Hulu. Hulu offers similar selections in programming, and a catalog from top tier cable channels. Hulu will air an episode from a program that is still on going a day or so after it aired. I can put up with commercials for better programming, and lower prices, though I have not yet tried the Hulu original programming. Right now I have watched a few episodes of Deadliest Catch and MythBusters which I missed after I cut cable.

Well, my subscription ends at the end of October, and more than likely, I will not be watching anything on Netflix.

Meet The League

September 18th, 2016 by

The Mighty League of Justice (MLJ) is a group of heroes inspired by old Terrytoons cartoon, the Mighty Heroes. The Mighty League was a bunch of clumsy bunglers with really silly or no powers at all, and somehow they managed to defeat their criminal nemesis.

Sir Power (Static Man) likes to think he is the leader of the group. With the power to shock people. Not super powerful electrical powers or taser level shocking, just similar to dragging your stocking feet across a carpet during a dry winter day, then touching someone type shock.

Hands is a dwarf (little person) with really big hands, and a bad attitude, he is the one who makes the decisions, and is the leader, but lets Sir Power think he is.

Big Hairy is big and hairy, he seems stronger than normal.

Extra Arm has an extra arm growing out of the back of his head.

There will be a few other heroes featured in the future, and if you look back at the Networking story line, Page 3, 2B-Bot projects a hologram of the team, and explains where Death Boss comes from.

Gorilla Fish Networking Page 3

Yes, some of them are not politically correct names, but poking fun at silly conventions is always fun. One of the heroes mentioned in the current page posted is Nude Swimmer.

Nude Swimmer is really good at swimming, and walks around nude.

The MLJ was going to become part of the BagBoy universe, but I decided to splinter them off. This is how multiverse develop.

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