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Meet The League

September 18th, 2016 by

The Mighty League of Justice (MLJ) is a group of heroes inspired by old Terrytoons cartoon, the Mighty Heroes. The Mighty League was a bunch of clumsy bunglers with really silly or no powers at all, and somehow they managed to defeat their criminal nemesis.

Sir Power (Static Man) likes to think he is the leader of the group. With the power to shock people. Not super powerful electrical powers or taser level shocking, just similar to dragging your stocking feet across a carpet during a dry winter day, then touching someone type shock.

Hands is a dwarf (little person) with really big hands, and a bad attitude, he is the one who makes the decisions, and is the leader, but lets Sir Power think he is.

Big Hairy is big and hairy, he seems stronger than normal.

Extra Arm has an extra arm growing out of the back of his head.

There will be a few other heroes featured in the future, and if you look back at the Networking story line, Page 3, 2B-Bot projects a hologram of the team, and explains where Death Boss comes from.

Gorilla Fish Networking Page 3

Yes, some of them are not politically correct names, but poking fun at silly conventions is always fun. One of the heroes mentioned in the current page posted is Nude Swimmer.

Nude Swimmer is really good at swimming, and walks around nude.

The MLJ was going to become part of the BagBoy universe, but I decided to splinter them off. This is how multiverse develop.

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Jon Baratheon

September 12th, 2016 by

jon snow

I mentioned in a previous post how I thought Jon Snow was actually Jon Baratheon. I am starting to watch Season 5 of GoT on DVD, and the first episode where young Circe went to the witch to get her fortune told cements my theory.

Circe would not marry the prince, but marry the king. She married Robert Baratheon.

Circe would have three children. The king would have twenty. This is the key point. Circe had three children from incest with Jamie. Robert had twenty children, but not all were in King’s Landing. Robert was sleeping around before then. He was betrothed to Lyanna Stark, and my guess is she had relations with Robert before she was abducted. The abduction lead to Robert’s rebellion. No actual timetable is given.

Lyanna could very well have been pregnant with Robert’s child when she was abducted. Robert went on his rebellion, killed Rhaegar, and then planned to march on King’s Landing. Lyanna fearing that Robert’s rebellion might fail told Eddard to watch over her son, and told him who the father was. It was Robert. The reason she feared for their child’s life was if Robert failed in his rebellion, any children of his would suffer. If everyone thought it was Eddard’s son, if the rebellion failed, the mad king might be less likely to wipe out the Stark line.

The abduction, rape, and rebellion could all happen during the time Lyanna was pregnant. When she gave birth, it was assumed that it was Raegar’s son.

robert baratheon

When Eddard became Robert’s hand, and began investigating lineages of the kings, the Targaryen line always had silver hair. Lannisters always had gold hair, and Baratheons had black hair. Even if the three children Robert and Circe had together were not born of incest, at least one would have had black hair. It is possible that Jon Snow being Targaryen would have black hair, but no one mentioned the Stark lineage. If you look at Rob, Arya, Bran, Sansa, and Rickon, they had brown or red hair. Sansa getting the red hair from her mother. Lyanna Stark is shown with black hair, and it is possible that is where Jon got the hair color, but it is more likely Robert and Lyanna are the parents.

Once Eddard knew that Jon was Robert’s child, and Robert won, it was more than likely political expedience to not tell his friend that Lyanna had his child. Robert was betrothed to Circe to keep the Lannisters in line.

The slaughter of infants in King’s Landing did not get Gendry, and he had black hair, like Jon Snow. We have yet to see Jon stand up to fire, granted not all Targaryen’s are fireproof, but if Jon was a true son of dragons, fire would not harm him.


My prediction is Jon will find out he is Robert’s son, and march to seize the throne. Circe will lose it to Daenerys Targaryen, because the witch predicted Circe would be queen, but lose that title to someone younger and prettier. In a practical move to unite Westeros against the impending winter, Daenerys will marry Jon.

Working On It

September 11th, 2016 by

Recently if you notice my site seems to be lacking certain things. Having become frustrated with the slow load times of the site, I worked with GoDaddy and migrated my site to a WordPress focused server.

GoDaddy split their services for basic web hosting into two areas, your standard web hosting and WordPress focused hosting. There are various technical reasons for doing this, and I could write extensively on it, but I will not. Let’s just say, because my site is WordPress based, migrating it to a WordPress focused hosting was the best move. It did not cost me anything more to do so, and within 24 hours of working with GoDaddy the site is up and running. Not one hundred percent as you can see, but I am working on that.

If you notice, the site loads instantaneously in most browsers compared to the minute it would take when the site resided on a standard web hosting server. It also functions extremely well, and the administrative access to it is fast.

Since the server has changed, and there are some other minor technical challenges, I will be working on getting my theme to look the way it did when I started the web comic, it is a custom built site so it requires more maintenance, this is why so many web comic artists decide to do WYSIWYG set ups, less headache. My background is in design, including web design, and I am always one to not enjoy plug and play type things, I like to customize and tinker, so I build my own themes. So there is tinkering involved, once that is done, and everything works smoothly, it is a joy to see, and say you built it.

I am also working on redoing my portfolio website, and making it function well for various devices. The responsive design concept is something I understand, and I am working on it. As fall is coming, and soon winter, my obligations and demands on my time will be less, so I can then work more on my hobby.

Such is the pains of being a working person with household obligations, you cannot focus too much on something like a hobby. Still working on the character bios and idea for a YouTube channel. The channel will probably just be some videos related to another hobby that is relaxing, video gaming.

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Game Of Thrones

August 28th, 2016 by

Re-watching the series in anticipation for season 6 coming out on DVD. Right now I am half way through season 3. There are several things I realize with the long view now available.

robb stark

1. Robb Stark was a total idiot. Though he was an impetuous teenager, if you read the books he was all of 16 or 17 when he started his war and tried to become king of the north. He ignored all practical advice form his mother, and even his wife. But, being a teenager can somewhat account for this, being a total idiot accounts for the rest. First he should have had the wedding his mother arranged right away. If he ended up cheating on his wife during a war, so be it. Once he wed Walder Frey’s daughter, he would have had the men necessary to win the war. Next he beheaded Rickon Karstark instead of keeping him hostage. Since he did not wed Walder Frey’s daughter and married another woman, he lost any chance of replacing the Karstark’s men, when they marched away. Even if he had kept Rickon Karstark as hostage, the Karstark army would have grudgingly fought.

red woman

2. Arya Stark will return to the north and her remaining family. The Red Woman told Arya she had a darkness in her, and would kill many people. They would meet again. From what I saw on various websites, The Red Woman brings Jon Snow back to life. Maybe the Red Woman will meet Arya somewhere else, but my guess is Arya will return to the north.

jon snow

3. Jon Snow is Jon Baratheon. After Eddard Stark had found out about the incest between Cirsie and Jamie, he started looking for Robert’s bastards. My guess is that he was looking for someone not Jon to sit on the throne. Eddard knew Jon was Robert’s son and his sister warned him to keep the child safe, because she knew that the Lannisters would want to kill him. Since Lyanna was dying, she knew that Robert would remarry, and to sit on the throne he needed the Lannister’s backing, so marrying Cirsie would be the logical choice. Look at Gendry, black hair, brown eyes, just like Jon Snow. Lannister’s have gold hair. Targarians have white hair, and we have never seen Rrhaegar Targaryen in the show. He is shown in paintings or interpretations from the book as having white hair due to the inbreeding. That would not end up yielding black hair if he had conceived a child through rape via Lyanna, even though she had dark hair.

game of thrones season 6

Cannot wait to see season 6 on DVD. My order on Amazon is already placed. Such is the curse of having cut the cord, usually a year or season behind on television shows, and have to read stuff on other websites. Good thing I do not care about spoilers.

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PS: Might as well get as much posted while my site works. No thanks to Go Daddy.

Being Bad

August 28th, 2016 by

This new story line “Bad Boys” will focus on Death Boss and 2B-Bot. It is a story that I was debating about putting in where it now sits, but after looking at the other story lines coming up, I decided now was the best time. It only impacts references in a few stories, and requires a minor tweak in the next story.

Still working on the character pages, Gorilla Fish and 2B-Bot are the first two I will post once I am done. The real situation is getting the list page of the characters done, and set up the way I want it. I do not want a basic text list, then there is how the character bio page will look, how to move from the next page to the other, essentially a bunch of HTML stuff.

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PS: Forgive the later updates. I am sorry. Seems Go Daddy has problems every Sunday with service. Unfortunately I am stuck with them for another year. Rest assured, I am now looking for another provider who will not provide such headaches and be more reliable. Go Daddy is shit for service, and I will write the highest person on the corporate chain who will listen. Seems they like to wash their hands of the whole slowness and in ability to access things, then up sell services that were not necessary a few years ago.