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Updates To A Few Pages

January 17th, 2017 by

I updated the Multiverse Page to explain my concept, since we are now getting deeper into the Gorilla Fish story. The whole basis of the web comic is to explore my multiverse of ideas, and maybe make some money, if someone thinks something is worth the effort. So please, like this comic, and let others know.

PS: Found a really cool old video from my days in Germany.


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Smoke Break

January 15th, 2017 by

New story line features Cigar Man, the primary hero of the Cigar Man universe. See the Multiverse tab on the navigation bar. This story came about as a quick way to bridge into the next story I am writing. Dimensional travel, coupled with time travel can be a headache to figure out, and I want to have continuity in the story. I will be introducing more characters, and plot threads, and it leads somewhere interesting. So stay tuned.

Move Made

January 8th, 2017 by

What happens next? Now that Moves has ended, the comic takes a break of sorts. Smoke Break to be exact. With Lefty and his crew returning to their home dimension with Scurvy Dog as hostage, the next chapter introduces you to the main superhero of Lefty’s home dimension, and for whom I named the dimension after, CIGAR MAN.

Cigar Man was born from a conversation with a co-worker, years ago, about odd superheroes. The co-worker knew about the Great Lakes Avengers, but did not know about the whole CapWolf story line from the same time frame. Yeah, the late 1980s and early 1990s were not the greatest time for comics. Comic books were becoming the next great investment, companies were trying all kinds of gimmicks and crap to sell the comics, including really stupid stories, but at the time it was awesome.

The conversation went on, and I elaborated about some of the odd superheroes DC created to audition for the Legion of Superheroes. Arm Fall Off Boy was one of my favorites. A guy, who could pop one of his arms off, and used it to hit you. There was also the Legion of Substitute Heroes which was formed from the rejected candidates. The substitutes were written with comic relief in mind, but if handled well were a powerful fighting force.

Eventually the conversation moved into how a guy smoking a cigar would gaining various superpowers came about. It was just silliness at the time, but being a writer always keen for even odd ideas to expand upon, I did what I normally do. Open a text editing program, type out the idea, save it as a file, and then either email it to myself or copy it to a thumb drive.

From that idea, and description, I built a world around Cigar Man. If he had a side kick, what would the side kick mainly do? Carry lots of cigars for the hero, like a walking humidor of sorts. So I created the sidekick, HUMIDOR. Humidor was based on a matador and spoke comic book Spanish. Basically English with a few Spanish words to indicate he was from Spain. Somehow a pet chimp called STUB was involved. I pictured all three on a motorcycle with sidecar.

Then I worked on the villains, the odder the better. I already had a villainess called Calamari in the Mighty League of Justice Universe, which you, the reader were introduced to. But, I liked the character idea, and I did not feel like having two Calamari characters in two different universes, and Cigar Man may have dove tailed well into the MLJ Universe, but it still did not work well in my mind. Even if Cigar Man and the MLJ were in the same universe and lived in different parts of the country or world. Then I came up with the whole dimensional travel and cross over concept for my universe, Calamari being in two universes could be easily explained.

Now Cigar Man, and his universe will fully be featured in a short story arc of Gorilla Fish, while I work out some kinks for the next major story arc. The Smoke Break storyline up next actually solves a transition problem for me as well. Sometimes this stuff writes itself.

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So Long Princess

December 27th, 2016 by


Carrie Fisher was one of my first on screen crushes. Even at the age of eight, when I watched A New Hope in the movie theater, I thought she was pretty. What was appealing about the princess was her innocence of sorts, the pretty, sort of girl next door look. As I grew older, and into my teen years, there were some lustful thoughts. The metal bikini did fuel some teenage fantasies. Princess Leia, was my princess, and she still is.

Carrie Fisher brought a lot to the roll of Princess Leia, and she was the perfect choice. There were many women who auditioned for the roll. Cindy Williams of Lavern and Shirley fame was in the mix. Terri Nunn who became the lead singer of the band, Berlin, was another woman who was close to becoming Princess Leia. But, George Lucas chose Carrie for her innocence, and possibly she was more sexy looking than Cindy.

Unfortunately she passed before she could finish her roll in the new Star Wars movies. In the movies, we lost Han, in life we lost Leia.

So long princess. May the force be with you.

Thank You Mrs. Brady

November 27th, 2016 by


She was everyone’s mom. Kind, gentle, intelligent, and willing to impart wisdom to her children, biological or adoptive. Most of my memories of the Brady Bunch were due to syndication, the show has never been off the air in the nearly 50 years after it’s first episode aired. It is a testimony to the cord the show struck with most people, and in due to the woman who played Mrs. Brady.

Florence Henderson is what America is about, starting from humble beginnings and rising to great success based on talent, hard work, and love for what she did. If you read Florence’s autobiography, she only devotes on chapter to the show, because her career and life was so extensive, and the four years the show aired was just a part of it. But, Florence was always humble, and understood that the show about a blended family, made her recognized the world over, and she was grateful.

Though I am much older than when I first saw the Brady Bunch, if I am changing channels, and there is nothing to watch, and the show is on, I will watch it. Nostalgia is funny thing. You can view a cheesy, basic, but well done show that teaches basic morals with a good deal of joy. That is a testament to how well the show was done. Because I have watched other shows from my past, with nostalgic exuberance, and wondered why I liked it. In that case, I chalk it up to being a child. Yet, in it’s sincerity, the Brady Bunch is still wonderful to watch.

Thanks Florence Henderson.