Kid Spider

Years ago when I published a web comic under the title of “BagBoy” Kid Spider was the eight year old cousin of BagBoy. Actually Kyle Chopper (Kid Spider) was the young cousin of Burt Chopper (BagBoy) a college student who worked at a grocery store as a bag boy. Burt was doing a web comic of a superhero called BagBoy and Burt created Kid Spider to amuse his younger cousin. Since I introduced the BagBoy Universe as part of Gorilla Fish, and Kid Spider made his appearance in Gorilla Fish, I decided to go with a new web comic based on Kid Spider. This stuff will all tie up, hopefully.

The origin story of Kid Spider. At the age of three, Kyle had a rare disease that was going to slowly kill him. The only possible cure was an experimental blood transfusion laced with cells modified by spider DNA. The treatment worked, and he was cured. Except he was permanently altered, as he grew older, he became stronger and faster than other children of the same age, by the time he was eight, he was crawling up walls, lifting small cars, and firing webbing from spinnerets in his wrists.

He confided in his older cousin, who realized his cousin had great potential to be a hero, so BagBoy revealed his identity to his cousin, and began helping him train to be a hero, but youth being impetuous, Kid Spider began venturing on his own.

Kid Spider Adventures follows theses attempts of a young boy with superpowers through his adventures. He begins to understand, superpowers do not make a superhero.

Teen Spider

Kyle was knocked into the dimensional transport, and sent randomly to another dimension. Even though a little over 24 hours passed in his home dimension, five years passed in the dimension he was now living in. Kyle became a thirteen year old teen when he was found by Gorilla Girl and Helper Monkey.

Now, Kyle adventures as Teen Spider.