Friday Fish Fry

November 17th, 2023 by

It has been ten plus years since GTA5 was released. Rockstar had other things to release and deal with, none of them turned out that well, but the focus is now on getting GTA6 out. The more I hear, the less I like. The timeframe is to release in 2025, which means, late 2025 to get Christmas shoppers.

There will be both a male and female protagonist. The female protagonist does not bother most people. There have been strong female protagonists in gaming. Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft comes to mind. Rockstar will allow switching between characters similar to GTA5 with Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

The real potential game killer is lack of a sense of humor. GTA games are famous for punching down, and making fun of certain social groups. It amplifies the fact that the protagonists are not good people and live in a real world. The protagonists worry about results and success, not feelings.

The use of speedometers, gas gauges and a built in gps system. This will force first person view on the player when driving. All GTA games in the three-d era and high def era had side maps for the gps systems. A player could drive third person, which lead to some hilarious results.

There is the map availability. The city is definitely Vice City, which is the GTA equivelant of Miami. Loved Vice City, love the fact that there is a return to the city in a more modern setting. The map is supposed to be three times larger than San Andreas in GTA5. Great. But, the rumor is, Rockstar is turning back to locking out sections of the map from players. Forcing the player to progress the story in order to unlock the map. GTA5 was completely open world, which was a blast to play. Once I found a helicopter in GTA5, I took Franklin flying all over the map. Franklin developed flying skills and I found lots of weapons not available in Ammunation. If Rockstar does lock players out of map areas, it will be similar to RDR2, where a character can die by invisible sniper.

All in all, I am not quite ready to say, I will wait six months after, but there is a lot I am unhappy about. GTA3 was the first game I purchase, it had been out several months when I bought my PS2. When GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas came out, I bought them right away. I did not wait when GTA4 and GTA5 came out for Xbox 360. I bought brand new, and played each game. So, now with everything coming out, I now hesitate. When I see the official trailer in December, I will make a decision then. I am waiting with Starfield, which is a different company.

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