Friday Fish Fry

September 22nd, 2023 by

On Sunday, I will post the 52nd Bagboy comic. At one a week, that will be one year since I started reposting the comic. I may amp up posting to twice a week, but for now, once a week is fine. I thought I would bring this up now, instead of waiting until next Friday Fish Fry to post.

Bagboy was invented 15 years ago as part of his own universe. An improbably hero whom somehow managed to defeat the bad guys whom seemed well out of his league. Kid Spider, a comic I posted on this site for a while was the main character’s cousin. Burt made the character up to entertain his cousin, and gave him spider like powers.

Bagboy had the secret identity of his creator. The web comic was the creator’s alternate reality, where he dressed up as a superhero to fight crime. Kid Spider was a fictional character in the universe, whom I did an actual web comic about.

Gorilla Fish, the other web comic I did for a while was actually a character from my secondary superhero universe, known as Universe II. Gorilla Fish took up residence in the Bagboy universe.

Anyway, happy one year anniversary to the Bagboy republishing.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS: When I remake my video play list, I sometimes overlook a few videos. This is what Fridays are for on my YouTube channel. Any video I realize I missed or overlooked, gets posted on Friday.