Of Clown and King

August 9th, 2020 by

Last week I posted about sudden difficulties with service at a franchise of the king — and worried that the same thing that drove me into a fifteen year hiatus of not going to restaurants associated with the king — was happening again. I had hoped that the minor mistake in my order, not giving me my soda at first, then handing me the wrong soda, was just a blip. I was wrong.

I decided to return to the franchise associated with the king, and I checked my bag of food after ordering, before I drove off. The bag felt too heavy for what I had ordered. I did get what I ordered, except, two of everything. Some people would say why complain? Free food. Because you cannot return food. Except, I did not get my soda. The person at the window handing out food was filling four or five drinks, but did not fill mine. Nor did that person even hand me a drink. At this point I am surprised I am not handed food from the Bell.

I brought the attention to the drive thru attendant, whom summoned a supervisor. I handed them my receipt. Always get a receipt. It is proof of what you ordered. The supervisor said I was only charged for one of what I ordered, but they could not take food back, so I can keep the extra. The person attending the window did give me my drink. Sadly, I did not get my receipt back. I wanted to fill out that survey and complain. Not that it would do any good. The franchise associated with the clown proved that. I am on hiatus from getting anything from restaurants associated with the clown.

It sucks. I may have to go on hiatus from the king as well. Both franchises, one of clown, and one of king are close to where I live. I do have to drive past my house to get to the two franchises, but there was that convenience factor.

I could start going back to the Bell on a regular basis, but that chain removed the food I enjoyed ordering regularly from their menu. Everything else on the menu is so unappealing, and so I don’t go there.

If I alter my route home slightly, there is a franchise with a Star as their logo, hardy-har-har. I have gone to that restaurant a few times, and so far have not been parked nor has my order been screwed up. The other option is where the meat claims to be.

Granted, this is all first world issues, but we should be happy we do live in a country where getting wrong food is an issue. In countries in this world, just getting food would be cause for celebration. But, putting things into perspective, this is a country where we do not have to just accept what is given us, and the admonishment of it could be worse, is something we should not be threatened with.

These multibillion dollar companies made franchises multi millionaires and their money is based on decent food and service. When service is poor, then things need to be corrected. When complaints have been filed, but nothing has changed, then refuse to give money to those companies. I went fifteen years with not going to the king, I guess I can go back to the long term hiatus for the king and the clown if need be.

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