Return of the King?

August 2nd, 2020 by

About a year ago, I posted a blog about how bad service from a franchise of the fast food chain of the clown drove me back to the crown. This is after fifteen years of not going to the king for food because of bad service across the entire board, whether it was the same franchise or not.

Friday, July 31, 2020 I decided to get a chicken sandwich from the king. I ordered the meal, which includes sandwich, fries, and soda. It was Friday, and busy, so the restaurant had the first window open to take payments, then the person drove to the second window for food. This method is supposedly more efficient and allows the server of the food to focus more on getting orders correct. The whole reason I stopped going to the king was fifty percent of the time my order was incorrect. Either missing something or the incorrect food. I paid my money, drove up to get my food, the young lady stuck a bin out with a bag full of food. Then pulled back and shut the window. I waited a moment, the woman looked at me like I was being a jerk or something. I got my food, why did I not drive on? Soda! I said nicely with a smile. The woman looked confused, went back and forth between the order machine, and soda machine for a minute, then just grabbed what was at the soda machine, and handed it to me. It was Cherry Pepsi, I ordered regular Pepsi, but did not know it was wrong until I tasted it. At least my food was correct. I had a bacon, cheese chicken sandwich with fries.

This might be just a blip. The dining room is closed due to Kung Flu, and people are using the drive thru more. A new person working a busy shift, so there is some confusion. If this becomes regular, I guess not only will I stop going to the clown often, I will not be returning to the king so often. The clown parked me one too many times, and filling out those surveys complaining did nothing.

I understand that working in a fast food restaurant is difficult and stressful, anyone whom is middle class or below in economic standing has been there, done that. That is why people want to stop being poor or middle class, so they do not have to work entry level jobs. But, I digress. When someone orders a meal, it is usually good form to hand the drink to them first. Then the meal follows because usually it is still being assembled.

I am hoping this is a fluke and it is not a return of the king’s old ways. At least I wasn’t parked.

Thanks for stopping by.

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