Rise of Skywalker

May 31st, 2020 by

In a previous post, I had mentioned that I was not going to see Rise of Skywalker at the theater, and maybe would pickup the Blu-Ray. Because of recent events, I decided to complete my Disney Star Wars trilogy and purchased the Rise of Skywalker Blu-ray at Walmart.

Having read countless reviews, I was not anticipating much. The movie was as terrible as the reviews made it out to be. I am a judge for myself type person, and reviews will seldom influence my judgements on movies or television shows. Chances are I will like something most people do not like, Superman Vs. Batman is an example. Rise of Skywalker is not something I like that others dislike.

The movie was so disjointed, and confusing, I ended up falling asleep. I woke up during the big final battle, and shook my head, then went back to sleep. The next time I woke up, I felt like I had missed nothing. I removed the blu-ray from the player, placed it into the case, and put the movie into the cabinet containing my DVD/Blu-Ray collection.

Will I ever watch the movie again? Maybe. I did watch Last Jedi a second time, hoping to be less critical. That taught me to sometimes go with my instincts and not rewatch a movie. At this point the only good Disney Star Wars movie is Rogue One. It is an example of how a Star Wars movie can be made by someone else, not Lucas, and still tie well into the Star Wars canon created by Lucas.

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