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February 2nd, 2020 by

I am the soul person writing, drawing, coloring, and haphazardly editing Teen Spider Adventures, and before that Gorilla Fish. That is why I release a comic once a week. At that pace, it would have been ten years before Gorilla Fish covered the entire story arcs, I had outlined to cover. So I switched to Kid Spider Adventures, changed some story arcs, and aged him to Teen Spider.

When I first wrote, and still writing, the Universe Zero storyline, it was intended to be a Gorilla Fish endeavor. It still technically is a Gorilla Fish story, but I have graphed it onto Teen Spider Adventures.

A lot would have had to happen before I would release Universe Zero. Gorilla Fish would have travelled to multiple universes, there would be some familiarity to some of the characters introduced, etc.

Bagboy was intended to be a main character in the Universe Zero story. Now it is Teen Spider. When I rewrote Universe Zero, there was going to be some exposition. Since the plans that would have played out in Gorilla Fish did not happen. Gorilla Fish’s Evolution would have been a few panels, and it would have taken place in the BagBoy Universe. At that time, the villains would have separated into their own smaller alliances, and things would have been slightly different.

PinBot was going to be the main villain in Universe Zero to begin with, so I decided to have him explain how the multiverses work, and how he discovered a way to execute his nefarious schemes. Gorilla Fish was going to be the foil. I had to alter some of the story points a bit, but the overall story comes to a similar conclusion.

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